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What still female holidays are?

Taking an opportunity, we will tell also about other days of celebration of women and mothers, except our well-known on March 8. The oldest of the known holidays is a Maternal Sunday at British which is celebrated since the 17th century and has religious roots. The traditional Mother`s Day is celebrated now in tens of the countries of the world (the truth, in different days and months), including, in Russia and in the CIS countries. But the most popular still remain the holiday of Americans of the same name who celebrate women and mothers in May.

In vain say that the feeling of a protest can generate nothing creative and whereas to explain emergence of the American Mother`s Day? Here a certain Julia Ward rebelled and decided that Englishwomen are not the only mothers on light who need to be congratulated (and fairly solved), but suggested to declare May Sunday not so much the Mother`s Day, how many Day of unity of mothers in fight for peace. These revolutionary desires of a response did not find, but an initiative of the teacher Anna Jarvis to found just the Mother`s Day got support. However madam Jarvis missed one essential moment: any holiday initially assumes a large number of gifts and various gifts, and the fact that this day turned in holiday of shopkeepers began to depress her very much. However fight of the founder of a holiday against laws of trade came to full grief, and the American Mother`s Day continued to develop already according to own scenario. Well, really, than gifts are bad, and let on holidays also dealers in flowers, nothing terrible will a little grow rich.

By the way, with dealers - and especially, with dealers, it is necessary to be more careful. Here in Guinea the Day of market mummies determined in honor of disorders which these arranged " is celebrated on August 27; princesses of the " market;. The reason was in some political decisions on an occasion of the prices against which they began to protest, but to me is thought, business was in another. Just Guinean men did not want to promote actively trade on holidays and in general to establish Women`s Day, here patience of women, and at the same time and shop assistants, burst. And not for nothing: militant Guinean ladies in memory about woman`s revolt caught - the official holiday.

By the way, there are also other special holidays, for example, National day of color women World day of rural women and even Day of the American women occupied in business . As for the last holiday, in Armenia it would be time to think of it too is how many women at us went to business in recent years! And time we have two female holidays why not to found also the third? Day American business - the lady - it is even uninteresting because any more you will surprise nobody with the Americans fixated on work. And you represent what resonance in the world will cause establishment, for example, magnificently beautiful business - will give Day? And time we secretly celebrate even Day of the Commune of Paris if the occasion to relax, then why on April 7 not to join the friendly people of Mozambique is necessary that in solidarity with it once again to celebrate Women`s Day?

But concerning date on April 7 most of all suffer men not in Mozambique, and in Armenia, because there two female holidays! At the beginning of 90 - x the republic decided to become absolutely independent - and cancelled on March 8. Instead of it there was a Day of motherhood and beauty with the instruction to mark out him on April 7. Then, years later, on March 8 rehabilitated, and on April 7 did not cancel - and at the Armenian women it was automatically formed female month . By the way, in its press which - where christened even Month of praise of women but this verbal praise most often finds lines of various actions, holidays and impressive discounts (for example, on air tickets during month for all women). But it too whether you know, is absolutely quite good - it is possible to enjoy at full capacity the lawful privileges weaker sex .

In Armenia on April 7 it was noted long since as Day of the Woman, Mother, Beauty and Spring. In interpretation of a modern secular holiday its name was reduced: for some reason Spring and even Woman were withdrawn from the name, and remained only Motherhood and Beauty . Some discrimination is available, frankly speaking: means if the lady has no relation to the first or has a direct bearing not too on the second, so on this holiday of life she has nothing to do? It is bad whether you know, the woman - she also is the woman, and Spring too return! It was lucky still that all women without exception can recoup in saving on March 8.

In a word, a conclusion at me one - female holidays do not happen much! And if our men are tired of the one and only International Women`s Day, then it is necessary them to punish . For example, to arrange woman`s revolt in the market - also we will have A Day more of mummies. Or to all representatives weaker sex it is urgent to leave a post at the stove and it is forced to go to business - and men will found Day business - I will give that at least on this holiday to see houses the half. But, eventually, why it is obligatory to give to honoring of the woman and mother though festive, but officially - the compulsory status? Let it will be a holiday which is always with us - at least in soul.