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Whether it is possible to be saved from change?

Change are always pain. How to live with this pain? What to do if it directly concerned you?

As sadly to recognize it, but change - quite widespread phenomenon presently. Both women, and men change and if to trust statistics figures, then the first do not lag behind in it the last. It is interesting that half a century back cases of female change were extremely rare, now the situation radically changed. And the man to descend took the part already almost norm in our society. Only reflect, the number of traitors promptly is close to 80%!

However, the reasons for which the person makes up the mind to this step can be various. It is, as a rule, easier to explain incorrectness of the man, than female change. Why? Yes just because at the stronger sex need in change of the sexual partner, most often, physiological - genetic (at least, it is so accepted to think). The reasons pushing the woman on this step are more often psychological, emotional. Though researches of the last decades also prove what at the fair sex is present certain incorrectness gene however tendency to change for this reason arises only in the period of an ovulation. But women quite often look for adventures and in other time.

With what to explain it? And that the woman begins to suffer an acute shortage of attention, communication, love feels unsatisfied or just misses. If you noticed that your half started missing - urgently undertake measures (a joint trip on rest, a visit of theater or just walk on the evening city). If in time not to pay attention to darling, consequences can be sad. Sometimes, to prevent trouble, happens rather simple sincere conversation.

The reasons of female change can be and much more difficult. For example, difficult childhood (constant bans of parents) or late maturing . In these cases the woman goes for change consciously, and here has a ball. And to prevent change if it arises for these reasons, it will be very difficult. Of course, it is necessary to remember that the person has a reason, there are morals - it is - that and distinguishes it from an animal. Cases when instincts prevail over reason, not so often meet. Therefore the reason needs to be looked for, first of all, in consciousness of the person. Society, aspiration to self-actualize, weak character, absence of the moral principles and many other things is all this can push on treachery of darling.

How to prevent change? something makes sense to Advise hardly here because all cases are extremely individual. It is just necessary to listen to the loved one, to try to understand what is not enough for him, it is necessary just to talk, eventually, with each other, and as often as possible. Try to find for this time! For example, instead of evening viewing of the TV, arrange yourself a festive dinner and bring the partner to subjects, important for you. You should not press too if conversation is impossible. After a while it is possible just to repeat attempts. Communicate with each other - it is so important!

But the guaranteed ways to be saved from change, perhaps, does not exist. Men often do not attach to this fact special significance, and do not even consider it as a reason for a rupture of the relations with the constant partner. And here female change most often also leads to parting: or because not in forces of it to forgive spouses to it or because the woman more than the man, emotionally involved in an extramarital affair, cannot rush about long between the devil and the deep sea. As a result change can be crash of its family life.

of the Consequence of change are painful and are even sometimes tragic. Incorrectness - the reason of depressions, the second for value, the third reason of suicides and suicide attempts. And business even not in the fact of violation of a peace of mind, and that similar types of wounds are quite painful and they are treated very long.

Despite it, very many people are capable to forgive and start everything anew. Such people have to possess strong morally - strong-willed qualities. And sense of guilt of the traitor, his sincere repentance are capable even to inhale new life in relationship fumes. No, I do not justify the change fact at all, but if people, contrary to everything, continue to love each other, then the relations need to be kept in all ways. Change helps to find out who is guilty, it can show weaknesses in relationship and prompt how to develop them further. Of course, if changes become regular, and your darling considers them nearly as norm - it is impossible to close eyes to it. To forgive infinitely?. Though such cases are frequent.

Tendency to incorrectness can have various reasons - chemical, genetic, psychological, culturally - social or any else. But it does not mean that the person has the right for change. Everyone has to be capable to bear responsibility for the acts. not in all married couples the change facts happen. There are people capable to be true each other, capable to understand, forgive and support. It is impossible to give in on active promotion of chaotic sex life. It is necessary to aspire to that the sincere and confidential relations between the loving people became an ideal.