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What is laziness and as to fight against it?

each person, at least - the majority of us, and - at the most inopportune moments of the life faced laziness. Laziness is when something has to be made, and there is no strong wish (in, itself thought up!) . And in general, in Dahl`s dictionary it is told so: Laziness - disgust from work, from business, occupations; bent to idleness and parasitism . It becomes opposite, the truth? Especially, when you will think, as you are subject...

But, it turns out how the science (oh, this science found out - everywhere sticks the long nose), laziness is an integral part of our life. It is rather the person not subject to laziness is an aberration. Well, here also it became easier, true?

Laziness is an excellent occasion to have a rest from intense work for the benefit of the Homeland, firm or itself, darling, to gain new strength. However there is a serious problem - how to pass from pleasant such idleness to work. There is an opinion confirmed with the same science (it be wrong) that it is not necessary to fight against laziness - it should be prevented! Contrary to the standard opinion, laziness is not defect at all, and it is rather - virtue. Most often it just is a consequence of an overload, that is, a signal that it is necessary to have a rest. Can be as well the reasons of medical character - the lowered blood pressure, low level of sugar in blood, heart troubles and vessels, etc. And if you feel chronic fatigue - see a doctor!

Sudden laziness is a disturbing symptom, an occasion to reflect and define what happens to you. And if there is no wish to do something, it means that there is internal resistance, fear unnecessary, useless or even harmful, in some sense, actions. Very often some negative - fear, concern, sense of guilt, etc. is behind laziness. And having only understood the reasons of emergence of this negative, it is possible to get rid of laziness. Thus, than to resist laziness (and it is hard), it is better to prevent it. As it is strange, but workaholics most often accuse themselves of laziness! Having worked till midnight, they suddenly find out that they did not make also a half planned, and blame for everything the laziness. Therefore, colleagues are workaholics, plan the work really, making a start not from the desirable, and from really feasible. It is better to estimate really the forthcoming work, than then to suffer from consciousness of the imaginary laziness.

And we, meanwhile, will understand laziness at normal people - at us. It is possible to call the following reasons of laziness and, respectively, a way of its overcoming:

1. Low level of motivation (it is not sure that it is necessary to do it; I do for someone and whether it is necessary?; I think that it also somebody could make another; etc.) . In this case it is necessary to increase motivation: to consider why it is necessary; whether it is expensive or whether the person for whom you do it is necessary to you?

2. Shortage of will power: you know what should be made all the same, and you can force yourself. In this case - it is simpler to begin the main thing, for example, with something, and business will go. In they are 50% of success.

3. The person has a style of activity similar externally to laziness. Long thinks how it is better to make, and then begins and quickly does. At me, for example, if work in the head did not develop, nothing leaves. But, if thought up everything, - I do quickly and well. It is known what 80% of any task, any work it is possible to make for 20% of time allowed for this purpose.

4. Intuitive laziness when, eventually, it becomes clear, as it was not necessary to do. In one old Soviet fantastic novel the secretary of the academician applied the rule of three tacks. On the first tack it hung up a note with a task, but did not carry out it. If the chief reminded - outweighed on the second tack, but did not do. And here when got it hot - outweighed on the third tack and carried out. And that - a good method.

5. Laziness as pleasure source: you work - you catch a high from work, you are lazy - you catch a high from laziness. Here choose what high more abruptly!

6. Laziness as fear of responsibility - and suddenly not so I will make, to a shame - that how many! It is put in the childhood when the father with mother protect the child from any responsible affairs and decisions. It is necessary to learn to take the responsibility, to persuade itself, like - It cannot be that hard, etc.

7. Laziness as a result of fatigue. Have a rest - everything will pass.

8. Laziness from understanding of backwardness, uselessness, a zamshelost of the business. In this case laziness - the progress engine. You do not want to go on foot or to shiver in the vehicle - invent the car.

Sometimes laziness arises if it is necessary to make something very important, but difficult. And right there is a mass of everyones necessary affairs which by all means need to be made earlier. Divide difficult business into several easier cases, stages, and do them gradually, and business will go. Laziness appears not incidentally, it needs some opening (and, it can and be not done). Eliminate such openings with rigid planning. Often laziness is a state here and now . Today I will have a rest, and tomorrow I will begin new life. And tomorrow everything will repeat. And if not to step through I do not want business will not be made. Laziness - piece infectious therefore avoid communication with lazy: With you it is good, children, but I should work . Also you remember - if all the time you do only that there is a wish and not that it is necessary - troubles are inevitable. And still - if business interesting, laziness vanishes somewhere. So, whenever possible choose to yourself affairs more interesting or with strong motivation.

And several useful tips. Before difficult business turn on the cheerful, vigorous music. Create a situation, pleasant for yourself on a workplace. Think what good will occur if you successfully cope with work. Think up to yourself some prize, a gift after completion of work, some additional incentive it seems: here I will finish - I will eat orange! Be engaged in several cases alternately (for 15 - 20 min.), but when the inspiration comes - do not distract, and that will disappear. If on the horizon business of which and there is no wish to think looms - write down in the daily log for the day preceding the beginning, and forget about it. Time will come - remember and you will make. And if laziness appeared for no reason whatever, and pangs of conscience do not help - do not do. The deadline will come and - where you will get to! And if all the same it is impossible, think what is with you: it is simple to indulge desire himself, or it is a protest against working conditions. And if the second - can be, it is necessary to change these conditions?

Science (same science!) proved that laziness is also useful to a human body as a full-fledged dream, active recreation and healthy food. It is possible to be lazy, and sometimes with big advantage as a hobby and bodies. Here the main thing - not to fall into the most dangerous kind of laziness - intellectual. It already - kayuk, it is possible and not to be chosen. I call it to conduct vegetable life . It is possible and not to get out of a condition of a baobab!

So, dear colleagues, work with taste and you are lazy thoroughly, be only not fond (both with that, and with another). And all all to you the best. The spring begins, the lady and gentlemen!