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What if your beloved technosexual? (The instruction for application) all of you, probably, heard

about such term as the technosexual . It was introduced into circulation by the American mathematician and the physicist of Ricky Montalvo. It was quite so decided to christen a new order of the day. It is possible to meet the typical technosexual quite often today. You by all means recognize him: this person talks in the language clear only to it, under the arm it has a laptop, wires from everywhere stick out, and it is similar to the newcomer from other planet. I, of course, a little bit exaggerate, but to find a common language with such person very difficult if only and you are not keen on the same.

And whether it is possible to get on with such strange being how the technosexual? the opinion that the girlfriend of such man his adherent can be exclusive Occurs, however I want to overpersuade you. There are ways to become it the ideal companion, without taking at the same time special liking for electric devices.

So, this guy is ready to chase equipment novelties infinitely. So prepare and reconcile to the fact that you the most part of time will be provided to yourself. It is not necessary to count on constant attention and care.

When you will for the first time get to it on a visit, be not frightened. Even in the smallest apartment everything will be literally filled up with equipment: from a latest model of the mobile phone to a stereosystem with quadraphonic sounding and still something like that to that, has to be, and the name it is not thought up. More carefully with wires! A sparkle between the man and the woman - it, of course, is healthy, but only not in this case. The category can be deadly.

Nothing will be able to deliver to the fan of the hissing equipment of bigger pleasure, than acquisition of some superfancy feature which, in fact, does not bear in itself special practical appointment. Well, it is absolutely unimportant! His passion knows no limit. Therefore should not criticize loudly its new toy try to see in it though something useful. Before something to buy

, the technosexual tries to learn about future acquisition everything completely. Throughout all this time it is necessary to you from morning to evening to support lovely conversation about technical characteristics of alleged purchase. If the following purchase, for example, the TV, - be going to listen to everything about systems of noise reduction, about digital edge filters, about five-band equalizers, both other, and other. And here if it is the refrigerator with the built-in TV, the computer or a supermodern stereosystem, then definitely you will not envy you. Patience and once again patience! And in this sphere of the life often absolutely far from such gentle creation as the woman, it is possible to gather for itself something really interesting and important. If it means to your darling very much.

You think that all the most terrible behind? No, everything only begins! Here when your elect, at last, will bring what so long dreamed at the sleepless nights of to the house, you will understand that I was right. This lifeless metal box will absorb all its being. All his thoughts, all his desires will be turned to it! Here - that his true feelings will also be shown. Here it is true love, mad passion! What delight - to press buttons! What design, what forms - perfection! If he is a poet, then by all means would write the ode On the date of accession to the throne of the CPU Intel Core 2 Duo X6800 " processor; or composed the anthem To the Great and distressful hard drive! . Alas, but you need only to observe from outside. Also do not take in head stavity ultimatums: either I, or your equipment! there is a high probability that your darling will choose the last. in it all his life.

Well, and finally it would be desirable to tell that it is unimportant how society will call your darling. Today it is the technosexual, somebody else tomorrow. Not in it business. There is it and there are you, and at some point you become a uniform organism, and thoughts become the general, both desires, and sympathies Dare! At you all will turn out! Just learn to love it it what it is!