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Are ready to a trip to the Arab country? Part 3. Treatment and entertainment of

Having considered beach and active recreation, we will talk about other opportunities.

the Amendment of health

Very much I doubt that in North - the African countries there are proved improving establishments. However it is worth inquiring at the travel agent that he will advise at the choice of the services of massage, Spa, aquaparks and other pleasures . Happens that the prices of these services are lower, than in the homeland. These data need to be entered in the estimate because they especially are never included permits in the price also.

Besides, it is strongly recommended to spend for the health insurance (as a rule, no more than 30 c.u.) redeemed from the travel agent and to clear at it the scheme of work with local health resorts in a case (fie - fie) wounds or suddenly overtaken illness.

We will sum up questions:

1) existence of improving procedures and price of them;

2) rules of conduct at a loss occurrence. Cultural tourism the Travel agent by all means will tell


about places, interesting to the tourist, but it is necessary to consider that all that glitters is not gold. I recommend to write down councils of the travel agent and before a trip to read on the Internet reviews of excursions (the set of excursions is, as a rule, standard in any resort in separately taken country).

It is better to find out the prices to a trip too. their size usually consists of expenses on delivery of the tourist, placement in hotel (if with spending the night), food (if it is included), work of the guide and the commission of local agency (in the homeland it is better not to get any excursions - they more expensive with involvement in a chain of one more agent).

Expenses on delivery can be cut down, having chosen the main hotel of the settlement close to places of excursions (historical places), the rest to the touch.

After arrival to the country it is better not to rush to buy up excursions, being guided by words of the accepting agent. Ask at first skilled tourists, and through a two-three of days choose the most attractive trips, having bought vacation packages or at the accepting agent, or at some local tourist office where the same permits (in the same buses with the same guides) will sell to you cheaper.

I will separately recommend not to spend money on so-called Arab nights . It is possible to drink and have a snack also in a disco. And besides and belly dance performed by the Ukrainian guest performers you will please yourself with nothing, and money pay decent.

We will sum up questions:

1) to inquire about the prices of excursions;

2) the CARD for clearing of localization of your hotel in relation to cultural and historical places.

Sex - tourism

the Arab countries by right are considered as leaders in the sphere of granting of free intimate services to the Russian and European women. To achieve the objectives, it is necessary to meet two simple conditions: to behave modestly (that there were no problems with police of customs) - the Arab men you and so without problems will notice and to have ONLY safe sex.

No special recommendations about geography and sociology of this type of rest exist as you will find sex there and in own hotel (the service staff consists of 99,9% of men), both in discos, and at restaurants, and the occupation of your elects will vary anyway around services industry of these institutions. I recommend to take stories about the oil relatives living in Milan for part of okhmuritelny ritual. Offers of a hand and heart too.

We will sum up recommendations:

1) to stock up with condoms;

2) to the travel agent of questions any...

I wish you pleasant and useful rest!