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Are ready to a trip to the Arab country? Part 2. Active recreation of

Having talked about beach rest, we will start active. Let`s break active recreation into two parts:

- discos and shops;

- water and land sports.

More favorable places for disco rest and shopping are the large cities, and it is better - the centers of these cities. The cities not of surely historical, it is possible (and even better) tourist (where 90% of tourists live, and the local population lives according to the seasonal schedule and it is engaged only in the sphere of providing various services to tourists).

Pluses of such placement - safety and proximity to strategic objects . The first influences the comfort important for stay in the African country, and the second a purse (nobody provides free taxi).

Several words about shopping. If you do not bargain, then the seller it will not be simple to respect you. This ritual needs to be supported both for the sake of the purse and for the sake of a raising of a tone which at communication with dealers will be provided to you. If you are constraining or do not know any language except Russian, then write the maximum price of the offered goods on a piece of paper and speak it at least in Russian. It will lay the foundation to fascinating communication with the seller.

And you are farther and you will not notice how on you will try on a half of articles of clothing of the range of shop, you will be photographed, with you will dance, will sing or given some tea. The more this bacchanalia, the below you will beat down the price and the more so bright you will have impressions of this entertainment. The main thing not to hurry, - you on vacation! Without saying any more that Arabs do not live in such mad rhythm as we, and for them half an hour for discussion from where you, on how many days arrived and what hotel stopped - not time (by the way, it is possible to ask in broken English and sellers about their family, a course of life etc. - it will fill up cultural knowledge and again - will beat down the price ).

One more moment concerning shopping in the Arab country (especially Egypt). Do not buy historical symbolics in the form of souvenirs, cards etc. if you do not know its value. However, if dear reader - the materialist, then he can turn to this recommendation a deaf ear. For other dear readers I will give general information from history of Ancient Egyptian symbolics: if at a figure (for example, cats) legs are crossed, the braid is braided (at the Pharaoh), eyes are closed - that is about ritual beyond the grave. Whether such symbolics is necessary to you in a place of honor at home?

If the Pharaoh is smoothly shaved, with open eyes, and at a figure legs, then they " are placed; live so they can be bought. There are various beautiful vessels (for storage of interiors) in the form of friends the Aida (dogs, monkeys, a crocodile, a snake) are too hi from afterlife. And there are images of the woman with wings (goddess Isida) - it is a wellbeing sign still during lifetime. Buying papyruses, pay attention to the image. Scenes from life, but not the death (determined by the same signs), are quite suitable to decorate your interior.

We will pass to water and land sports. An opportunity to be engaged in them depends as on the size of hotel (the hotel is larger, the choice, for example, existence of own tennis courts is more), and on degree of concentration of the offices providing various motor-baizes, sausages and parachutes in hire. Than tsentralny the place of the settlement of the tourist, subjects is higher concentration of such offices - on the periphery from available water joys it can appear lishlovlya small sea living creatures in the net brought from the house.

From other types of entertainments in the sea it is possible to note acquaintance to fishes and color underwater flora (in Egypt all of them are SMART!) . It is for this purpose recommended to take from the house flippers, a mask and a tube because their existence in sale and quality in the local market can have various nuances.

As you guess, any kinds of active recreation are never included in the price permits therefore their cost will be additional load of your purse which degree needs to be cleared at the travel agent in advance.

We will sum up questions:

1) proximity to the downtown (or stay in the city);

2) the cost and existence of a taxi and other types of public transport if for the settlement not the city and not its center is chosen;

3) general acquaintance with the prices of discos and daily entertainments;

4) the MAP of the coastline to imagine the location of the hotel and reconnaissance of strategic objects.

I wish you pleasant and useful rest!

Be continued.