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Are ready to a trip to the Arab country? Part 1. Beach rest of

I Remember the confusion before tour operator when the first time was going to have a rest in the far-away country. And now, having some experience of trips around some countries, I want to present to the tourist who was going to have a rest in frying North - the African country, the instruction. Here you will find competent questions to tour operator and some lyrical sketches on rest in the designated region.

So, being going to have a rest in tropical countries (Egypt, Tunisia), the tourist has to decide on the rest purposes. They can be:

lying on the beach in combination with a nourishing and continuous power;

the active recreation including discos, shops, water (baizes, sausages, parachutes) and land sports (tennis, billiards and so forth) ;

amendment of health;

cultural tourism (excursions, departures);

sex - tourism of :)

Now about everything one after another to consider nuances of each type of rest and to prepare competent questions to the travel agent.

Lying on the beach in combination with a nourishing and continuous power

Lying on the beach will be more pleasant if the beach is sandy , and protected pure , i.e. free from amphibious and natatorial animals, and also waste of activity of the person. It needs to be discussed with the travel agent, - he has to know how the infrastructure of the coast is under construction and who what he is responsible for. I will explain: if city beaches, then in such countries their cleaning is conducted irregularly (if it is conducted), and any protections from natatorial can be absent or be available for the sake of appearances.

If the beach belongs to hotel , then it is already other calico - for involvement of tourists management of hotel, as a rule, cares for cleaning and constructs protections.

Other plus of the private beach is that it will be free from gapers and local dealers who can importunately behave, rustle and the appearance to spoil the atmosphere of grandeur.

The third moment to which it is necessary to pay attention is remoteness of hotel from the beach . As a rule, hotels stand on lines where the first line - at the coast, the second - the second row of hotels after that which at the coast, the third for the second etc. If 10 - 15 or 20 - minute walking from hotel to the beach does not confuse, then this moment can be not cleared up.

If confuses (sometimes we forget points, bathing suits and Panamanians or we want to be photographed and quickly to carry the camera in number quietly to continue rest), then it is necessary to clear remoteness of hotel from the beach and need to cross the dusty road (not a secret that throughout all coastline there is a road, a question - where it settles down in relation to hotel and the beach).

Moreover even if the hotel is far from the beach, then it can have fine relocators - for example, electric cars which have to be in enough, stand not only at hotel, but also at the coast (back too not to go) and absolutely free!

And the last question which interests the vacationer on the beach, - free of charge towels, plank beds and umbrellas and their enough.

Now about food. If the purpose (as I emphasized) - continuous and plentiful power, then all inclusive is necessary (all inclusive). This option pays off if the tourist really is in hotel all holiday.

If the tourist intends to combine the beach and walks for the territory of hotel, then all inclusive - waste of money. It is enough to take HB (a breakfast and a dinner) or VV (only a breakfast) and to be free for movements to evening and day time.

The moment of stardom and size of hotel is characteristic . Various and plentiful food is guaranteed by large hotels (they can afford it), in small hotel (to 300 beds) you will eat tomatoes and chicken with local seasonings daily for breakfast and a dinner.

If fineness of hotel influences a variety, then stardom influences quality. I recommend to choose hotel where stardom is maintained by the western management , but not local because seriously I believe that local standards of assignment of stars have no dependence of quality.

It should be noted that large hotels, as a rule, have various personnel under the general name - animators. These are people who will entertain you on the beach and in hotel (happens very much even qualitatively), which will look after children (too happens very honestly), and also can sell you entrance tickets for discos with discounts (pure divorce, but it is difficult to refuse to them).

Besides, the animator - your reliable friend on any emergency. Make friends and exchange phones. If you are lost or in a disco someone will not give you to pass, it is always possible to address the familiar person from the local environment and it will help out you, using methods of sarafan alarm (they there each other know everything).

We will sum up questions:

1) sandy and pure coast and accessory of the beach to hotel;

2) remoteness of hotel from the beach and, in case of notable remoteness, free subsidiary transport;

3) free of charge towels, plank beds and umbrellas;

4) size, stardom and management of hotel.

I wish you pleasant and useful rest!