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On McDonald`s filed a lawsuit against McDonald

the Reason for the lawsuit initiated by Society on consumer protection again, doors of the American network of snackbars served again. Which, as we know, often beat trays with hot coffee. Scalded with pleasure file a lawsuit.

the Muscovite Olga Kuznetsova in 2006 became famous as the first consumer who was not afraid nearly two years to have legal proceedings with the offender - the most huge in the world fast - foot the McDonald`s company. Because of this network the girl got burns of a stomach of the first and second degree. Misunderstanding happened when the girl went outside from cafe with a tray on which hamburgers and hot coffee lay. This coffee Olga also burned when the hard door strongly struck just bought lunch.

the Lawsuit in vessels on this case lasted from 2004 to 2006 and ended with the settlement agreement. Olga took away the claim to McDonald`s, and the company as wrote " Newspaper; paid it for it compensation in 125 thousand rubles. Though the girl at first demanded 900 thousand rubles. According to the lawyer of the victim Pyotr Dombrovitsky, the claimant met representatives of the company who declared that the lawsuit in court negatively affects image of McDonald`s therefore they are ready to pay to Olga Kuznetsova compensation.

decided to intercede For all consumers who were injured from McDonald`s doors OZPP Public control who submitted a claim to the company to Tverskoy Court of Moscow. Does not arrange defenders of consumers that Olga Kuznetsova`s business last year did not end with the resolution of court. Also it is not pleasant to them that the violations concerning doors of McDonald`s and summer cafes at which through these doors visitors fast - foot also take out trays with hot coffee are not eliminated. It potentially threatens with infliction of harm to health and property of consumers - told dp. ru lawyer of OZPP Andrey Semenov.

Why the summer McDonald`s cafes now when also the winter did not end, suddenly disturbed defenders of consumers ? On such question lawyers Public control answer that before a hand simply did not reach. And, eventually, there has to be a resolution of court which will order to eliminate violations. And if the court recognizes our correctness what we do not doubt, then McDonald`s under the Law will have to hang out at all stands fast - feet of the announcement of the solution of it the vessels - Andrey Semenov is convinced. What

such claim? What violations? Anything it did not hear about, no documents to us arrived in general from one organization, declared dp. ru PR - the manager of McDonald`s Nina Prosolova.