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What designers begin employment with?

All were students or dreamed to become them. The cheerful, carefree time, nevertheless, is often saddened by need of search of additional sources of the income. Someone protects parking, someone convinces people to buy goods of different degree of need. One of my options - to become the designer part time in advertizing agency. Advantages are obvious, options - weight. And what will be demanded by the employer how to relieve itself of useless bustle and indulgent views?

the Classic was 1000 times of the rights: To Study, to study, etc. ! And still, which - that

In - the first: competently made summary. Forms - in Word proper words - on the Internet. Use search and problems will not be. The only thing that I can add from myself here, including and on interview, do not adorn the talents. Early, but not late, the lie will reveal, and reputation - a thing expensive, especially, we only begin to earn it.

In - the second: prestige of the employer. Designers are birds free and choose what is closer. Therefore, at the next change of work it is very desirable to write down in the corresponding column Nuclear heating plant - a press but not LLC Vasya Pupkin and To . Why, I think clear. Yes, will take not at once, the salary is less, a trial period, but envelopes will be oh over time how to differ in the big party!

In - the third: portfolio. Not to do people of creative professions without it! It is enough to collect 5 - 7 best works, not to stint high-quality listing, and you will see how the employer`s eyes will become warmer. On a compact - or a flash - carriers I do not recommend to bear a portfolio for two reasons. It is not too convenient to look through also from - for features of human perception. One business to thumb through the creations on the monitor screen, absolutely - it is beautiful to spread out another on a table of future chief. By the way, most likely the deputy on shots for an assessment of your abilities will send to the head of art division. There - that will also be showered lie as gilding from the Chinese watch.

In - the fourth: knowledge and talent. If with the last it is possible to make little, then the first depends only on your desire. Three things which the employer demands to know: CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop plus one on specifics of work. If future work is connected with imposition - Quark ExPress, Adobe PageMaker or Adobe InDesign, with construction or interior design - ArchiCAD, with advertizing - Adobe Illustrator, furniture - Solid Works. We look for free textbooks on the Internet and at friends. The only thing that here wants to be advised - choose the Adobe programs instead of Corel. Employers have a belief in need of the last, but to work to you, and to convince big work, I think, will not make. The end result is more important than ways of its achievement for the administration!

In - the fifth: patience and false modesty. First will pay you frankly a little, but it not for a long time. You Poosvoitsya, very unostentatiously let know that now you can leave to competitors if the salary does not begin to grow in the near future. Besides, designers live chumary (ultraleftist). At the beginning it is necessary to behave modestly and validly to talents old men and the second salary by will not pass.

And in conclusion I want to wish that progress in creativity pleasantly responded a crunch evergreen in your wallet!