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Where our future slides?

for anybody not a secret that every year the percent of degradation of society increases, mostly - youth. And in what society we live? What we have morals? And where our culture? Our society became immoral, we do not adhere to elementary norms and the principles for a long time. We can see on the street of teenagers who smell glue or smoke marijuana, and it will be norm, unfortunately. We got used to observe on streets, in transport and even at school obscene behavior of teenagers. And for a long time nobody pays attention to it.

Where we slide?

our society does not need morals. We forgot long ago what is it. We wanted democracy, freedom. And here we received it. Now everyone does as he wants. And it is not important whether society will suffer from it. But in what our freedom? Unless we have the right to express the opinion? That who has more money speaks. Here it, our democracy which made our society immoral. we Will take

, for example, our popular platform. Of course, any stuff was earlier, but now intentionally do not allow to be beaten out in people to worthy performers. The fact that they are absent now there is nothing I will not believe! Someone very much wants that we had no own opinion and ate everything that to us is fed. And it must be said at them not bad it turns out...

Addicts or patients?

The fact that among young people there are many problems and them should be solved somehow -

is the fact. The fact that among teenagers drugs, early sex and crime prosper that there is a distribution of dreadful diseases that there comes cultural degradation of youth, such future causes concern. Who will live in our country through couple of decades? Addicts and sick people? The youth grows when in the country there are no high purposes, except as plunders of the country. Teenagers are brought up on such ideals where on the first place a priority to swim with the current fast enrichment under those shadow laws under which there lives modern business. And at this the poor, worn-out and overdriven youth it is not a lot of choice. To us stuff information, and we eat it as the zombie.

Because captivated all Filyami, and it is necessary to listen to them. Filya was on all channels, there was just nothing to look more. Showed on one channel of ours, on another import, on the third AVVA earlier, all was healthy - the choice was. And now, I`m sorry, but you will watch Filya... And what to do? There is nothing . Late!

School as mirror.

For teenagers who enter our rough and dangerous world one of the mightiest the authority is the school. It reflects all changes in our society. At each school there are unspoken rules and laws. In elementary grades it is connected with the one who with whom sits, at whom what income and position of parents in society. At the senior classes everything is much more difficult. There is no place of identity and to self-expression, it is very important in what to a party you and with whom you communicate. Everyone has to accept conditions of that group in which wants to be. Clothes and manners play a large role in the relation with peers. there is no

Now a special, uniform school uniform and therefore it is even at first sight possible to define who is who! Dark, almost black clothes, same color make-up and colored long hair, Grindersa - at once it is visible, the metalworker Heavy Metall . In crowd, in ripped jeans, in an undershirt with pins, with piercing and mohawk it is possible to notice the punk. These two groups one of the most popular and actual among youth.

SOS, while the getting is good!

Many, likely, ask themselves one question: Who is guilty that we fell so and degraded? Our younger generation faces the choice: it is not interesting to study, and lag on the Internet and free reception of the amusing tablets, many of which cause accustoming from the first, do not lead to anything good. But not this main thing. The main thing to find a way it now to prevent that our future felt like educated people with morals and honor. Also there is no sense to remember the hammered phrase - Presently the youth was vospitaniye, the grass is more green and sugar is more sweet .