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Why Utesov was called the actor of big and Maly Theatres?

are executed on March 9, 2007 exactly a quarter of the century from that day when with us there was no great Utesov. Even if Lazar Iosifovich Vaysbeyn would not take this sonorous surname, he and without it would tower the rock in the middle of the boundless sea of unvoiced singers and canaries of whom it is slightly less today, than stars in the sky. And Rocks one, and he something reminds a giant of the Neptune who costs with the gold trident and complacently looks at the bull-calves frolicing on a shallow. Riba such as would tell in Odessa.

How you think to what young Lazar when he was deducted from commercial school of Fayga for bad progress and unsatisfactory discipline least of all was upset? Correctly: to the fact that, most likely, not to become it a lepetutnik any more. I quietly beg you, it is not necessary to rummage in dictionaries. You there all the same will not find this word. So in Odessa called small commission agents and grain brokers.

Shob I at the night of the Sun did not see if at that time Ledya (his relatives so called) thought of himself without music. First of all he dreamed to become a firefighter (on their brilliant helmets all madamochka sink down!), then the seaman (a barge to the sea and hi, the seaman!) but by 14 years music won! Ah, as the violinist Gershberg living in the neighbourhood with Vaysbeynami removed sounds! As excited blood three orchestras replacing each other which at a monument of the Broderie anglaise on Nikolaevsk the boulevard did not play in the evenings more likely, and tried to outdo the competitor!

Not to love music in Odessa if in the city from the moment of its basis there lived the joke:

- Is mute, I heard that your son takes violin lessons? Nothing will come of it!

- Why, Syoma? it has no

- So hearing!

- Is mute, and and here hearing? He will not listen, he will play!

But Rocks began even not with the singer of satiric songs (only later time he will win first place in a competition of singers of satiric songs in Gomel), and with the gymnast. In school it had a reputation for the best gymnast, not bad working at rings, parallel bars and a horizontal bar. There was a wish to earn a living most that it was not a shame to parents with it. Eh, those times left! Who can tell about the mother today as Leonid Utesov once made: she was the last, twenty first child in the family .

17 - the summer young man Ledya got a job in the Kremenchuk theater of miniatures. To it to live and live in Odessa, and incurred it to Kremenchuk! From - for what? - you ask. And I will answer you: Shershe la Fam! He fell in love with the Odessa Italian, and she on trouble was the wife of the police police officer of a boulevard site. It was worth pushing luck at such deals? Who the first got up, that and slippers!

However, Ledya not for long went on tour, next year he played in the Odessa troupe of K. G. Rozanov (Big and Small Rishelyevsky theaters). But already as Leonid Utesov, he thought up such scenic pseudonym to himself in Kremenchuk! Big and Small Rishelyevsky theaters! Sounds as music!

So the way to glory began. And since 1917 Leonid Osipovich came to Odessa already only as the guest. At this time he organized a small orchestra with which he acted in the garden " in Moscow; Hermitage .

Theaters replaced each other - Theatre of revolutionary satire (Moscow), Theatre of the musical comedy, the Oriental carpet - theater, Free theater (Leningrad), Marine (Riga).

Still a decade later, in 1928, Utesov for the first time comes to Paris. Incidentally or purposely gets acquainted with the professional jazz. On March 8, 1929 debuts on a scene of the Leningrad Maly opera Theatre with the jazz - the bond. The audience literally stands on ears from its " program; The Tea - the jazz . It was the genre, absolutely unusual to a platform. Utesov connected conducting to compering, dances, singing, playing a violin, recitation, playing sketches between musicians and the conductor. All performance was accurately built, since acquaintance to public and finishing the farewell song So far for which broadcast the screen and loud-speakers established on a facade of the concert building were used. From composition Hop with smyky the audience literally was fan.

In 1934 movie theaters Grigory Alexandrov`s movie " came out; Cheerful children in which all orchestra of Utesov was removed. The general mood of a picture was defined by Dunayevsky`s songs on Lebedev`s verses - the Red bunting: Heart, you do not want rest and March of cheerful children . Songs found great popularity. The congress of the world and friendship with the USSR (1937) passing in London came to an end under March of cheerful children .

June, 1941 finds Utesov during rehearsal of the new " program; Singing, joking and playing in Moscow Hermitage . The orchestra quickly creates the first military " program; Hammer the enemy! in which along with already famous songs new works sound: And more than once, and not two we taught the enemy Guerrilla Morozko and others. For the first year of war the orchestra gave over 200 concerts at plants, the ships, in field army on the Kalinin front, constantly including new songs in the program: Wait for me In a dugout Dark night Inhabitant of Odessa Mishka anti-fascist chastushkas Reptiles do not have mercy! . In June, 1942 to Leonid Utesov the rank of the honored artist of RSFSR is given.

And the rank of the people`s artist of the USSR was given to Leonid Utesov in 1965. He became the first performer awarded it. A year later, having got sick, Leonid Osipovich left a platform, and in December, 1981 the last performance of Utesov took place.

Musical critics often accused Utesov of lack of a singing voice. Leonid Osipovich laughed the matter off: Let so! I sing not by a voice - I sing heart!

He died as you already know, on March 9, 1982. He lived happy life - surrounded with cares of hotly beloved wife Elena Iosifovna Goldina, and gave the heart to the people!

At this great inhabitant of Odessa is to what to learn! And if you sometime complain to somebody that your chief the absolute untalented person, remember Odessa and tell yourself: And why to it to be very clever? There is enough of fact that he is a head! . And then go and do not waste time! Your sun already rises in the east. The chief won back the, there comes your turn!