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How it is correct to behave with the realtor?

the Housing problem - the most actual always and everywhere.

what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of the apartment to?

So, about real estate agencies. As us make a fool .

I will not tell about scams as already speak about them much. I will tell about secrets of realtors of the market of purchase - sales of apartments.

With what work in any agency begins? From the contract. You sign the contract, and, as a rule (if you buy the apartment), make some advance payment. It is normal and if it is not done, then services which to you will be rendered can be corresponding. The advance payment is a guarantee both for you, and for agency.

To what it is necessary to pay attention:

- As a rule, try to state in the contract of agency as much as possible your responsibility for non-execution of obligations or refusal of them, but at the same time no lines write about own responsibility. DEMAND that in the contract there was also also MATERIAL responsibility of the company (and equivalent).

- Surely specify periods of validity of the contract. I can tell that search of the apartment and its registration at real requirements from the buyer will not borrow more than 3 - x months.

- You sell the apartment. In this case the agency, as a rule, likes to designate apartment cost in the contract, and then in advertizing you see, and sometimes and do not see (if the apartment throw in agency base) absolutely other cost. Believe, these are at least $5 thousand a difference.


Yes it is simple to b not to put cost. If the agency refuses - wave it the handle.

- You go to watch the apartment or show the, and suddenly the realtor tells you that to open a mouth You should not, everything will be told by him / her.

It also says that from you hide actual cost. Activity has to be transparent .

We considered with you stages of a preparatory work. And now we pass directly to the transaction.

So, the apartment / buyer are picked up. What`s next?

1. To the transaction the bail / advance payment/advance payment an advance payment is made it is solved depending on a concrete situation that for you it is better - solve or use services of the realtor). Keep in mind that pledge does not come back. Surely sign the contract (not oral, not the receipt) in which terms make a reservation (usually no more than 1 month).

Do not forget to stipulate who pays registration of the apartment.

2. The disturbing moment of the transaction came. Patience and a step - the motto of today. Be ready to surprises, do not forget that on a limit nerves not only at you (it is possible to lose much).

3. Pay attention that it is safer to put for all money in a safety-deposit box. At the same time it is better if the contract with bank is made by the realtor who directly works with this bank. But - to solve only to you.

4. Discuss a question of a telephone point. Register notarially a consent of the seller to renewal of a telephone point for the buyer, or you can go together to a telephone exchange and do everything there. Otherwise, the seller has full authority to take away a telephone point with.

Happy to you housewarming!