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How not to overpay for the rental apartment?

Hello, dear tenants, and also those who are only going to be engaged in it ungrateful business as accommodation in the rental apartment! The following councils for you Especially it concerns those whom room conditions, how many the sum of payment and terms not so much interest.

Before being occupied by searches of the apartment, wonder whether really you need to rent apartment, or it is worth thinking of acquisition of own housing? If all - to you is no place to disappear and it is necessary to enter the transaction with the lessor, then stock up with patience.

Attentively read the lease and several times consider all points: that you are obliged and that the lessor is obliged. You do not want to be humiliated then, finding out who is right and who is guilty when the lessor begins to stick to you into a face with a contract copy? I advise also in advance to stipulate such point as a payment method, quantity of money and date of payments.

Try to set such condition: You agree to sign the contract if the lessor undertakes not to increase rent payment during the term marked in the contract, is independent from any phenomena (inflation, registration of the credit, an illness of relatives and further according to the list).

Stipulate (with the instruction in the contract) who has to pay for the electric power and phone. In certain cases happens that not always the employer pays for everything. Seldom, but the lessor agrees to undertake payment of phone (eventually, it in its interests as to look for You according to mobile number it can be useless due to the lack at you money on balance).

Now the turn comes to examine the apartment. First of all come into a bathroom because it is one of the most effective ways to lower a rent. Examine the mixer, surely open both cranes at full capacity, look whether proceeds in what places. Glance under a bathroom and check, whether a dry floor.

Further ask where there are gates blocking water in a bathroom and in kitchen. Check whether enough easily they open and closed.

Then toilet Wash away water several times and pay attention as the tank is quickly filled and whether condensate accumulates on its external walls. And still such moment. If a tank, in your opinion, rather old, then check integrity a rychazhka.

In kitchen there will be enough reasons for decrease in payment too. First of all it is, of course, a plate. I advise you at that time while you examine the apartment to put the pan filled with water on one of rings. It you will check how the tile well works and heats. Well to you to check all rings, having at least included them and having tracked that they in general heat up. It is very important to examine a plate in the presence of the lessor as further it will be difficult for you to prove that the plate was already faulty when you drove to the apartment.

the Sink in kitchen and the drain pipe departing from it also have to correspond to a label serviceable bathroom equipment .

If you, dear reader, consider all these conditions before the lessor leaves the apartment, it can do though somehow to guarantee to you that the lessor will rectify faults at own expense.

Of course if you not so much are interested in the sum, how many quality apartments, trade places paragraphs about the contract and the apartment and add to terms of the contract couple of points on what you would like. And also understand that it is worth pulling the socks up and collecting really a little an initial contribution to purchase of the apartment, and as a result will pay monthly contributions cheaper, than to pay rent. Besides, it is so pleasant to pay for bringing closer the moment of finding of the property

of Progress to you, and remember what difficulties do us only stronger!