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We study?

All of us want to believe that the serious deputy games directed to destruction took place. And positive energy of people will correct malfunctions in our life, in soul and a body. And only the consciousness which is not burdened by rage, greed will find only the correct way out of the created political deadlock. We study...

The TEACHER at school taught us that water, for example, happens in three states - liquideous (fluidity), gaseous (variability of a form) and firm crystal (preservation of volume, tensile strength), i.e. liquid, steam, fog, a hail, ice, snow, an iceberg, hoarfrost. The TEACHER told about metal that he when heating extends, and when cooling contracts and decreases. And the Grandmother - the neigbour taught: do not go if the cat stole a march or somebody passed with an empty bucket. Ridiculously.

We were not taught as crystals of snow can painfully tear face skin how not to get frost-bitten, and, more simply, not to become the moron. Whether learned who that in a material world where everything contracts, decreases and changes, except all feelings, honor, conscience, love, understanding, respect, passion? Somebody taught us how to understand the world, sometimes mad, ignorant and boorish in which we live, and in what surrounds us. And if the road is crossed by the person not with an empty bucket, and with an empty pate or, even worse, with empty soul? That? To be developed and go to other party.

Also neither at school, nor at institutes, academies we did not learn to be successful, not taught secrets of prosperity, wealth and self-sufficiency, i.e. to be rather considerable in itself and to have independent value. Corrosion of metal was learned, and corrosion there is no soul, as well as corrosion of society, that is corruption. In the country of a pioneering, Komsomol we were taught slave mentality, idolatry, did from us Ivanov of Nepomnyashchy of relationship, drew to us houses on sand. Now we learn to think, make anew decisions and, instead of construction sots. and lump. a-ism we transform the country to the civilized democratic state. Way this difficult and thorny. To replace mentality, to change a mentality, to learn to live and work in the legislative environment it is given much very not easy.

the WORLD around us are the our relatives, children, wives, husbands, mothers, friends, deputies us elected a birch or cherry under our house, the doggie which is faithfully looking in eyes, the cat purring on a lap. Our WORLD is the dirtied entrance which is torn off and the befouled elevator, garbage in the yard, the teacher at whom there is nothing to learn, the doctor who is indifferently treating the patient and picking a body of the person the candidate who distributed to electorate on a kilogram of grain and sugar for their voices the deputy who passed according to the faceless party list, and teaches us now how to live.

Diseases in bodies and souls, the children using the parents for the benefit, life at the expense of others personal fears and pleasures, our disbelief and cynicism are too the world in which we live, or our SPACE.

Really quietly the CREATOR, the LORD, the CREATOR looks at us and call HIM as you want if only there was it IT, but not the one who betrayed IT together with us.

A strong link of the nature - the PERSON degrades, runs wild. The lawlessness and corruption expand in all spheres of activity of the person like the cancer tumor which is starting up metastasises in our hearts and souls.

We are afraid to be mistaken in operation, and inaction is more terrible.

I speak not about something far, mythical, and about us, about our power, servants the people, from lists of the parties as us chosen which the inaction, ignorance and mercantile ambition bring closer time of madness and disorder. It is a pity that many do not have enough mind to understand and distinguish rustiness or corruptibility of some political representatives and officials. Forgive them, the CREATOR, the CREATOR. They do not know that they create. YOU predetermined - it is their choice, it is our choice, it is my choice. Each of us does that it seems to it correct. And as LAWS of SPACE, country, local government.

Madness, pride, fear, dullness, nonsense and ignorance fly over our city, over us, touching with the evil ruthless wings each of us - from the baby and the disadvantaged to old men and not been born, maternity hospital, on their favor, is not ready to reception of women in labor that is even more disgusting. I hate the demons destroying and devouring human souls.

It teaches us to something? Or a century live, a century study, all the same the fool you will die. Is closer to me: The doctrine - light, not doctrine - darkness, or the TEACHER not the one who learns and at whom is to WHAT to learn. At WHOM, to WHAT and WHY...