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How to survive at a stop, without having been bored to death?

This question did not occupy philosophers, did not cause scientific debates and did not rise at the scheduled meeting of the State Duma. However experience of the author and his acquaintances meets in one - a question vital and actual .

You can stand on a stop, and can sit on a shop (it is possible and vice versa, of course), can go, and can nervously twist eyes in search of the being expected by you. You can is banal to wait for the bus or some railway monster. But anyway you will face the main problem - there is no of business, and time is (and there is never money).

It is possible to object, of course, at once, a pier And people at stops are forced missing to wait - and it cannot be helped! Will not leave! - we will answer these uneducated companions. This article just is also directed to fight against boredom! Let`s be defined for a start - we wait for the bus (we replace independently on " tram; girlfriend muse good weather ) . Techniques can be allocated the following:

For introverts.

the Most, perhaps, peace techniques. You look in the becoming blue distance, hoping to behold the magnificent bus. And in the head you sing a song . And you throw out consonants. Also it is possible to try aloud - suddenly the talent was buried?

Or it is possible to watch leave the passing cars and to read trigram words on their numbers. type VAKH HOLES EAR ! (From intelligent or close to them) to collect the received words in offers. To try to present. To exhale.

And if you have no mood to howl the next composition of VIA Vile, and cars were hidden on ditches - it is possible to count ! You will tell, too simply? And if to begin to read out upside-down from number 583, taking away on three and if the number totally shares on 4 - that not to pronounce it and if on seven - to pronounce that even if is divided into four? And if also on zero not to stop...

For silent, but cheerful with

Unless the following picture can not irritate - there are people. It is a lot of people on a roadside. Also look in one party. No, to hypnotize the horizon - business - that sacred who argues?! And can make a certain pseudo-scientific experiment .

Tell what will be if you get up on a stop, and you will look to the opposite side? It is interesting, try! Get up so that to see the most part of people, and they saw you. Pay attention to the uncomprehending, slanting and simply drunk looks thrown on your person. Keep calm . If ask And why it? - frown with a serious look, let know as far as your useless activity is important for the Universe!

At the correct statement of this experiment you can turn from the actor of solo performance into the director a flash - actions. The main thing - sympathetic and cheerful public. Such happens at student`s stops. And already the small group of people looks against the current. Who are they? Perhaps, they know more simple inhabitants? Perhaps, they from the " program; Draw ? Perhaps, in a local psychiatric clinic - the Open Day?

One is important - do not do it if the car can hit you. Yes, and if at this statement you pass the bus - that it will leave very stupidly too.

For sociable, but law-abiding to Wait for

at a stop... You on yourself know how it is tiresome, boring and, in zavisimostiot weathers, cold / hot / is wet / simply disgustingly! And these feelings are peculiar not only to you. Try softly to suggest some people to play in cities names presidents of Bangladesh checkers, Cowboys and Indians. I leave on your taste and common sense.

For authors of articles Costing

at a stop, it is possible to think out article . But only not about in what it is possible to be engaged at a stop, agreed?

The author of article forces to anything nobody, and only offers the techniques of fight against boredom at a stop. Any responsibility for the wrong understanding of its techniques, with the subsequent wrong carrying out - does not bear them. Now I can only one wish, having paraphrased one good thought.

On Titanic it was full rich, healthy and happy therefore of GOOD LUCK to you!