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How to tame a strip of bad luck?

there Came in life the strip of events of the wrong color. It does not approach neither your intelligence, nor temperament, nor color of eyes. No, not necessarily black, just wrong shade. You it is crazy, for example, about pink color, and it to you it is poisonous - was green. And already your favor tests the whole week for durability. And cat (black, by itself!) defiantly to you crosses the road, and make callous darling anywhere it is not possible to hide, and a rake the perfected movement aspires to a forehead.

Here - that it is necessary to stop, and to the correct course of an event to turn. Back. We do not touch the present, and we change the past. On more harmless for.

So, we sit down and we rewrite part of the biography. We paint events in especially optimistic paints, up to emergence of notes of absurdity.

For example, problems with the administration haunt you: also carps - that it, and money pays a little. Stop all negative emotions and grief about it, and creatively remake the history.

Means, so

I was always adored by the administration. Sometimes even awkwardly it turned out: awards gave out to me apropos and without cause, - and on my Birthday, and on Birthday of the husband, and even on Birthday of the mother-in-law. When I modestly refused the next portion of money, the director just began to shower me with flowers and gifts. And quite recently he presented me the smart apartment, - that there was enough place for storage of gifts

And in the same vein! Invent about three boxes .

Wrote? And now sincerely believe in the story. Fall in love with the history! At once it can not turn out, - share the story with the loved one (with unfamiliar does not follow - can be surprised very much). When you few times say it aloud, at you wings will just grow!

And further?

Already someone carefully cleaned a rake from your way, and the cat moved to live to other area, and be an eyesore to nobody eyes comes across. All by itself will accept your favourite pink color.

And chief? Will give the apartment - do not refuse! The apartment - not the apartment, and precisely will begin to shower with gifts. It is checked.

I wish all vital strips of a favourite coloring!