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How to make the good person it is less?

All of us remember the phrase: The good person has to be much! . It sometimes consoles us, but not for a long time. There passes a little time, and come back to the complexes again. It occurs every time when you look at yourself in a mirror and an inferiority complex slowly but surely takes root in the brain which became stupid from work: What nightmare! There is too much me .

Leave the complexes and I so just declare, and adopt to yourself. It will be a question simple things, but these words can bring strong reasons in your consciousness a little to change.


1. Choose monophonic clothes, it is desirable with effective cuts on each side. Black color is more preferable. But many avoid black because it bears negative emotions. And for those who she is not married, I will quote the famous couturier who gave interview to the capital glamourous magazine: If you want to marry - get rid from black in the clothes . Therefore forget about motley and nalyapisty dresses, blouses and skirts. The fact that it is lifestyle and you cannot leave it as the saved-up responsibility for purchases does not give it to do, this your right. But it is better monophonic. The color scale in the world of fashion is fine!

2. Never buy to yourself clothes of the bigger size, than you are. It women who I think that something will be hidden adore doing everything. You hide nothing, and to look as a bag not interestingly. Choose the size.

3. And of course do not try to squeeze into the fact that it is not enough. Why so to squeeze into a thing which does not suit you by the size? Who advises it to us today? Of course, only markets. Their suppliers of goods adjust today to what is on sale, sew as can. I do not urge to renounce the markets, for one it is very economical, and for others all - there are sizes.

4. Spit on the shortcomings, believe - advantages at you more. We will look for them now. These are most likely appetizing legs and (or) a sexual breast. Open what is beautiful, hide that it is better to hide. Any pyshechka against the man with a strong-willed chin, big shoulders and powerful addition will find

a way how to emphasize the advantages.

5. Jackets, tops, t-shirts, sweaters etc. length to a belt - not the most successful decision. Look for more long.

6. And the most important, it, this main thing, is banal before disgust, but can be though now you will understand. The main thing - not to go in cycles in a problem. If you are interesting as the personality, it will be visible at once. Life - in communication, and you are able to communicate, it precisely! do not forget

I about a smile! It is better to be the cheerful and cheerful fatty, than the thin bore.