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Who told meow? Dog?

you Remember Disney`s animated film about passions of Ice Age? The main character, Ellie`s mamontikha which is brought up by opossums sincerely considered themselves as an opossum, only rather large.

The most interesting that this history, about similar costs of alien education, not such a rarity.

The fact that dogs and, I will not be afraid of this word cats become similar to the people who brought up them and consider themselves as the same members of human community, know everything.

And here still examples. As far as they will seem to you truthful, to judge to you. I as the friend of a cat of Patrick and anonymous small fishes, quite I trust these facts.

Ryazan buttocks - a dog.

Once upon a time there were in one apartment a cat, a dog and a parrot.

B one not fine moment a parrot fell into clutches tomcats. On heart-rending peep of a little birdie the dog came running. Nearly having swallowed a parrot, took away production from a cat and carried to itself. Having accurately spat out a semi-dead parrot, he took the most live part in its destiny. Since then buttocks literally got to like a dog, and manners of his behavior abruptly changed. The parrot so successfully imitated a dog that even the cat began to treat it, as to a peryevy dog.

Being the parrot learned to oblaivat passersby and cats, is from a dog bowl. Looked at the flying tribespeople with contempt.

Brazilian winged cat.

the baby bird who Dropped out of a nest did not expect such end, happy for himself in any way.

Having fallen to a cat into clutches, it as it appeared, got to the loving embraces. What maternal instinct glyuknut at it, it is hard to say, but the cat put a birdie on legs and even on, broken when falling, a wing. And the bird in gratitude even changed the natural vegetarian addictions and what nightmare, participated in hunting for the true feathery relatives. It allured them, and further

of Koto - a dog from Moscow.

By tragic accident in the apartment still the blind kitten appeared though there dear airdale lived. The owner as could tried to suppress the fact of appearance of a kitten from a dog. You never know. But once he found both of them sleeping on a dog rug. The kitten all in dog saliva cheeped and snuffled.

over time the cat began to make the sounds which were more reminding bark, than miaow.

On walk a cat together with the father exhausted the real cats on trees and oblaival with a duet. The most surprising occurred when a cat, having sniffed dog autograph on snow, raised a paw and undersigned nearby.

The animals and birds, careful animals who forgot about the instincts speaking properly Perhaps, the stress became a push to similar transformations.

Stress and all-consuming kindness and compassion.

Needed to introduce this fine practice in mankind.

of Stresses at us a pile. Business in kindness and compassion.