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How competently to use cosmetics at problem skin?

To tell the truth, cosmetologists recommend to abstain absolutely from use of decorative cosmetics at problem skin.

And how to arrive if you are not allowed by religion (a habit, an environment ) to leave the house without effective make-up?

Try to follow to several simple recommendations . They will allow your skin to feel more comfortably and to have healthier appearance.

Limit use of foundations, powder and blush, - it leads to expansion of a time, impoverishment of skin oxygen and to formation of the alkaline environment so favorable for development of inflammations.

Use the masking pencil of light tones that the effect of clean skin will give to your face.

Instead of blush it is necessary to use shadows of the corresponding shade, - they do not contain the ingredients promoting obstruction of sebaceous glands.

Do not use cheap cosmetics of suspicious quality and the unknown producer, - such things can easily be bought privately and in the market, and also in unspecialized departments.

Apply powder friable, - it is much safer, than pressed.

Do not abuse lipstick use. Ideally lipstick needs to use as seldom as possible.

At a make-up place emphasis on eyes, - it will distract attention of people around (and also your attention) from defects of skin. For the same reason lipstick, respectively, has to be light tones.

Never leave cosmetics on a face for the night.

It is necessary to wash at least three times a day. Water at the same time has to be cool or room temperature.

Sponzhiki and brushes for drawing a make-up is recommended to wash daily.

Besides, follow several rules concerning use of means on care of skin.

It is necessary to apply a soft peeling to clarification of skin. Srubs can cause irritation of skin and damage of sebaceous glands.

Exclude use of the ointments containing vaseline and vaseline oil. These products aim to cork channels of your sebaceous glands.

Try not to use fat creams, and also creams for suntan.

Do not wipe skin with alcohol. Alcohol easily destroys the lipidic layer of skin urged to protect skin from loss of moisture and to prevent an excessive peeling. By the way, lipids fasten skin scales with each other, and also interfere with reproduction of bacteria. Thus, frequent wiping of skin alcohol-containing solutions can promote increase in quantity of eels.

Also leads use of solid soap to destruction of a lipidic layer. Therefore cosmetologists recommend to replace it with a skin for washing.

Also do not forget, please, that you are a Queen! And what, actually, the imperial person can have problems with skin?

I wish to your skin to look always faultlessly and elegantly!