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What is the fan - Shui?

Wind and " Water; - so translate with Chinese the fan - Shui. It is ancient system - its principles are known, at least, already three thousand years, - directed to achievement of harmony of the person with the nature and with everything that surrounds it. The fan - Shui - system of the organization of all human life, from the birth to death.

For the last 10 - 15 years the fan - Shui, Ancient Chinese art of an arrangement, made a trip from the East on the West and got not only into thoughts of inhabitants of the West, but also into the western way of life - into design, spiritual life and customs. Today the fan - Shui endures the blossoming period in the Western world.

The western fan - Shui is also characterized by a variety of approaches and degrees of skill, creativity and spirituality. Traveling through time, he constantly changes and develops, but its purpose remains not nominal: creation of positive and harmonious habitat for improvement of life and destiny of the person.

Since the person for the first time felt need for a shelter, he is under the influence of surrounding space. Our primogenitors thinly felt the district in which they lived, and felt the communication with the earth. Since the most ancient times of people watched the nature and tried to derive benefit from its secrets.

Fan - Shui can also be considered as science about psychological influence of a form, design and an arrangement of objects. In our life physical conditions which negatively influence our perception quite often meet. Need to sit a back to a door, the objects disturbing the review, corners and blocking walls can destabilize your nervous system. The fan - Shui is directed to, whenever possible, to avoid adverse factors or to soften action them on nervous system.

One business - to understand the theory the fan - Shui. And absolutely another - to follow advice of all experts in a row, turning the house into the Chinese restaurant decorated with bamboo flutes, tinsel pocket mirrors and god knows than still. Before us there is a difficult task - to unite the principles the fan - Shui with the principles of architecture and design so that it corresponded to our personal tastes and a spiritual way.

Now several schools are most widespread in the world:

- the School of the Compass applies a magnetic compass, or lopan, to orientation of buildings, coordination new constructions with geophysical forms and power structures.

- the School of forms pays more attention to how an arrangement, forms of a landscape and nearby constructions influence the building or a ground which is supposed to be built up.

- the Fan - Shui of Black sect includes many traditional concepts of School of forms. The analysis of places with use of the chart of a bagu (the structure applicable to various spheres of life of human activity) is also characteristic of it.

In China believe that there is a universal space energy of Qi giving to the person vital strength. Opening a house door, you let in it Qi, and it brings inside energy. However on the way Qi is capable to be captured not only positive energy, but also negative. It can be neutralized, there is a set of ways to clear and correct Qi before it gets into the dwelling. It is one of composed arts the fan - Shui.

Despite some exoticism, many are carried away by idea to apply the principles the fan - Shui at design of the private house or at the choice of the new apartment. People want to know how to carry out the analysis of the district for future building or already existing construction for improvement it. This results from the fact that at the heart of the principles the fan - Shui lies common sense. In them there is nothing magic, and truth which they proclaim are obvious and clear to everyone.

When the desire something arises to change, the holiday begins. Whatever was your destiny, the fan - Shui and his spiritual energy can become your vessel of vital abundance.