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Computer pilot of reality?

of C of what everything began?

B 1983 - the m to year in the USA, in the magazine of the great fantast Isaac Asimov, left a certain Bruce Betke`s story with the sonorous name Cyberpunk . The name is formed from the words cyber - connected with computer facilities, electronics and punk - dropout, opponent of mass culture. The advanced teenagers who are very skillfully coping with computers were the main characters of the narration. The name pleased fans of a fantasy, and its began to apply to other works about computer handymen.

But in the last decade label cyberpunk it is molded on anything and very often not to destination. There was a computer game in gray tones - the cyberpunk. The movie about hackers - the cyberpunk. Long leather raincoats and points with mirror glasses - again the cyberpunk. Melochizm as people around began to call such phenomenon.

Cyberpunks do not exist?!

From literature cyberpunk quickly got over at cinema, computer games, music and painting, some young people under influence it is computer - information boom loudly christened themselves cyberpunks. A certain Christian Kirchev published Manifesto of cyberpunks their peculiar business etiquette. Society takes all this for absurdity, meaning that they do not exist as there are no elves, goblins or Martians. Cyberpunk - the term for us especially fantastic, and it has no relation to modern life. But it is only not necessary to believe in lives to what surrounds us, it is necessary to try to look at several steps forward. Maybe, sometime we will be fated to wake up in a cheap capsule - a coffin, in hotel near port where all night long from the towers similar to huge tripods, from halogen spotlights the blinding streams of blue light flow on docks; from where city fires are not visible - shine in the sky of color of the screen of the TV which is adjusted on the empty canal the very tall hologram with the inscription " is not visible; Fudzy Electric Company .

Catch a crane .

Cyberpunks to our society seem others, not such as everything, but they are the presents. They are not afraid of anything new and unknown. These are people who are not capable and do not want to adapt to someone. Why to be afraid of changes if it is possible to create something new much better, than was. People have to leave the fear behind and move forward. What sense to hold a titmouse in hand all the time if it is possible to catch a crane? For our society an ideal is what the majority follows to. And when some child ventures to throw down a challenge to society, he is punished and given as a bad example. For us cyberpunks are strangers, but, maybe, us just force to trust in it? Let`s not assume that our society was painfully also needed in treatment .