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How to communicate with sectarians and not to fall a victim of sect?

One of key democratic freedoms of civil society are a freedom of worship. But an opportunity to declare openly the religious views, to carry out religious practicians introduces in society and danger of manipulation with human consciousness from a huge number of sects.

If you essentially, for these or those motives do not enter polemic with persuasive preachers naturally, the question which is taken out in article heading for you is not so actual, as for the person unprepared to similar meetings. Nevertheless, perhaps, underwritten information sometime is useful also to you.

So, rule first: never enter polemic if you are insufficiently prepared . If you do not know with whom you should communicate, and the most important, you have no counterarguments and there is nothing to provide in the answer (for example, you the carrier of standard Post-Soviet outlook God at me in soul ) try to reject correctly conversation I have no time, excuse!

If dialogue is inevitable or you enough grounded in questions of belief of people, you can try to communicate to the sectarian. For example, it is offered to Christians to give the answer everyone questioning about his belief with mildness and awe . Take it for the rule. Furious dispute and zubotychina still nobody managed to be overpersuaded to leave sect.

The first that needs to be found out - with whom you deal. Many sects teach the adherents not to open information on themselves at once. Therefore, take the initiative and directly ask: Who are you? What movement you represent? Each sect has the weak link, but if preachers of an unknown current got to you - do not mourn. You remember one important point: all sects are oppositional to the dominating faith, in our case - to Orthodoxy. Therefore wait for criticism (usually it begins when you declare youselves, how about the orthodox person), and then hit into weakest link of one and all sects - age and history. to

It is obvious that the doctrine applying on saving and universal cannot exist 10 - 15 years and to be the based former militiaman, such as, so-called vissarionovets . It is amusing, but only for you. Adherents sacredly trust the leaders. And that they were not in time to zadurit to you brains ask them to tell about history of emergence of their first community. As a rule, this event is connected with some muddy legend, describing something supernatural. So, at Mormons their first leader Iosif Smith, allegedly, received the Book of Mormon according to the indication of an angel; founder of Adventism unsuccessfully calculated doomsday, and then specified that it was not the end, but fight in Heaven. There are also just rationally organized groups which suddenly decided that thousands of years people trusted incorrectly and all in hell, except us etc.

If before you the representative of sects western traditions, you proceed from an obetovaniye of Jesus Christ Who told how we know from the Bible that He sozizhdt the Church and gates of hell will not overcome its for ever . Quote this fragment and ask to answer what then your interlocutor and why it contradicts Christ proceeds from, saying that 2000 people trusted not correctly or departed from Truth? As a rule, this question nonpluses the sectarian. Conversation terminates, it leaves, and you pray that God talked some sense a lost soul.

With representatives various east currents, without having sufficient knowledge, it is difficult to talk. Just tell about the beliefs and do not allow to transfer conversation to other subjects .

Anyway, do not forget that before you not the enemy, not the villain, and deceived the unfortunate person. Let he will feel your sympathy, but, at the same time, and your hardness. Any softness in your beliefs does it surer. Your task - to show other behavior model in which there is a place to belief, but without total isolation from all and all. In other words, overpersuade sectarians not so much of the word how many business and your mood.

If you did not find the way in this life yet, and to you all - put off any book, a leaflet, the brochure, be not too lazy before going on some meetings and meetings, to obtain the maximum information from the credible sources . The benefit, is the anti-sectarian centers which actively work on the Internet.

And finally rule main: think the head and take care !