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What is BlueJacking?

Many already heard this word, and some even faced it. BlueJacking - new, fashionable entertainment to which we are obliged by the Bluetooth technology.

What is Bluetooth, I think, there is no sense to tell. Today practically all new models of mobile phones, pocket computers, laptops are equipped with technology of a wireless communication Bluetooth. Why the technology is called Bluetooth that in translation means blue tooth ? Probably, at her creator the associative thinking is strongly developed. In the X century the Danish king Harald known as Blatand ( Blue tooth ) united the separate kingdoms of Denmark and Norway. The nickname of the king is translated into English as Bluetooth.

Now thanks to Bluetooth mobile phones of millions of users unite and new terms appear.

BlueJacking - sending not requested text messages.

of BlueSnarfing - theft of information.

of BlueBugging - receiving access to commands of the mobile phone.

of War - nibbling - search of signals of Bluetooth devices for attack.

of BlueSniping - attack at distance by means of the portable computer and the powerful antenna.

Apparently, Bluetooth swindlers actively try to use. The exception in the list makes BlueJacking - sending not requested text messages. This harmless entertainment which, besides, helps to find much friends or just to exchange content of phones.

How it looks in practice?

You go in the stuffy, crowded subway. It is boring for you, and you get the mobile phone. You include Bluetooth and the scanner which finds several mobile devices with too (about a miracle!) the included Bluetooth. Then you create new contact in the list of numbers, but only instead of a name write the message: Hi! You have a white back? . Through Bluetooth you send this contact on the found device, and further And further you look who begins to turn nervously, trying to look at the back. Here it is the victim of BlueJacking!

If you are adjusted not to have a good time, and to fill up a collection of pictures or melodies in the phone, then send the message with the offer of an exchange of content. You look, someone and will respond.

On the Internet there are free programs which facilitate life of a bludzheker. With their help search of contacts and sending of messages or files considerably becomes simpler. It is possible to find them on the special websites on a bludzheking where fans of modern entertainment impart experience and tricks.

At bludzheker, as well as any other young subculture, the code of behavior is gradually formed. For example, it is impossible to fill up the person messages if he does not answer. Perhaps he is busy or does not know how to switch off Bluetooth in the device. It is impossible to continue communication after the aggressive answer. And, of course, it is impossible to dispatch viruses. The unreasonable users who installed themselves a virus on phone, directly - suffer from mania to multiply it. Therefore never accept the file with the " expansion;. sis . Bludzheker, among other things, will never offend the potential interlocutor though for many anonymity of such communication is a serious temptation.

Anyway if you suddenly received on the phone the strange message, it seems: Your laces were untied you do not fuss. Perhaps, with you someone looks for communication. Necessary to be always pleasant, isn`t that so?