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From what Americans swell, or the Food as a national problem of America

For the visitor of the person the American food is the most serious problem menacing to health. You begin to feel distinction already on the plane when instead of mineral water or juice offer you Coca or ice tea (at all seasons of the year), and instead of sandwich - a sneka (I their pogryzushka call).

American cuisines in houses is the dream of any hostess equipped to the maximum for fast and high-quality preparation of lunches. And the main components - the refrigerator, a plate, the dishwasher, the microwave oven - the furnace - most often are the integral complete set of kitchen along with furniture at sale of the house. But this dream extremely seldom is demanded - Americans like to eat, but do not like to cook! Therefore restaurant business prospers. Nearly only place where it is possible to see turns, is a restaurant. Go families, with children of any age here. At the same time too will bring to the baby to order some cream of wheat at the coolest restaurant.

About products. Not tasty! It is noted practically by all. Even Americans who have an opportunity to compare the products to ours. The American who arrived on a visit to friends was ready three times a day there is our rural cottage cheese, filling in it with sour cream and honey and jamming a smoked sausage. At the same time the pleasure on his face was absolutely children`s!

In epicures kilometers of shelves with improbable quantity of products, we just did not hear about many of which. And if there are problems with language and there is no drawing on a box - better to refrain from purchase. And they do not like to draw pictures because well as you will represent sour cream moreover WITHOUT FAT? And everyones sour cream - cottage cheese - damp - yogurtopodobny products weight (we in business trip will eat a cake cheese, without reflecting, for breakfast in any city of Russia). Semi-finished products are everything, both snack, and the first, and the second, and the dessert, and pastries - at desire to make a dinner, houses on it will leave at most half an hour (together with laying and carrying out of garbage). And in more convenient form, than we got used. For example, a jar of the size of ours Pemolyuks contains puff pastry which when defrosting is quite volume.

Having seen personally a problem thick in America, decided that if I feed the members of household with habitual Russian food like borsch, pelmeni, fried meat, pancakes or macaroni on - naval, potato and porridge, then we are passed by this misfortune. However, having seen in shop a nice piece of pork diameter of half-meter with a stone no more than 5 cm, tried to present that pig, oporno - the motive device of which consists of one muscles practically On a stone - a pig, by the number of muscles - the body builder. Most likely, to this pig helped to mature fairly. It is impossible to hold such weight on such stones if I remember something else from study of the strength of materials! Without doping test - control I to the American athletes am meat not advised.

Milk does not turn sour there, and turns rancid (curdled milk will not manage to be received), and chishcheny potato does not darken! All the year round in shops both strawberry, and water-melons, and salads that in general for the southern state and it is not wild, but to taste - a continuous model! You feel like the deceived child when someone instead of a candy wrapped a bread crust in a candy wrapper. By the way, bread per se, barmy, they do not eat. Only toasts. And why we limit ourselves in bread first of all when once again we go on a diet? Judging by Americans - not in one bread business.

Why there was a problem with popular in the people " in due time; Bush`s legs chicken quarters? Yes because any farmer begins day with an injection with antibiotics to each lodger of the farmyard - that did not die ahead of time, and hormones - that reached commodity weight quicker. As a result, regularly consuming this bouquet of antibiotics, your organism develops resistant immunity to these drugs. And, God forbid, in case of serious need of application of antibiotics for rescue of your health, your organism can not agree with opinion of doctors and tell: Yes I already tried all this - nothing helps!

Means, and my idea of healthy food was insolvent for the objective reason of lack of healthy products in free access. However, speak, there are shops which are allegedly trading in natural products, but the prices such there that there is basis to believe that sour cream bring from some ours Prostokvashino moreover and a special flight there.

Having arrived on the Christmas`s eve, we could try a traditional turkey and pumpkin pie. Why they eat a turkey with cranberry sauce (on my taste - jam), and it is obligatory)? Options with a hrenok, a gorchichka, ketchup are considered as infringement of the American foundations. Preparation of a turkey - the whole ritual. It seems to me that plates in kitchen are used only once in a year for this purpose. Such pimpochka red which jumps out from it in process of readiness is inserted into a bird crude. We for lazy hostesses would not be prevented by such invention, only with a whistle too. Besides you will not overroast and economy of energy resources. Seasonings for it special a heap. Time of cooking depends on the weight of a bird, but it is not less than 3,5 hours.

Pumpkin - pie if to add a citrus to pumpkin, a tag, nutlets, the same klyukovka - it would be still edible, and so - on very big fan of dietary food. But - in each house it is obligatory! Besides - semi-finished products darkness.

What in America is eaten very little, so it is fishes. The most widespread and available are salmon, and already processed. Never saw fish disorders. Sensitive relatives, knowing my fish weakness, presented to me for New year of kilograms of a frozen hake - and it was the most delicious gift! Domestic cats got only a smell. Fish price is three times more, than on meat. It is clear now why our famous humorist says that to the Yankee stupid - from where to them phosphorus - to take that? Also it is not clear at all - why? Two oceans on each side.

During travel it was necessary to have a bite several times in McDonald`s or Sabvy. I am not an opponent in principle of fast-food establishments. My communication with them had single traveling character in Russia and did not leave light impressions. Therefore I decided that to spoil fresh vegetables, a piece of chicken or French fries difficult, especially if to wash down it not the cook - Coca, and the red dry wine (which is carried by illegally in a coffee mug). Later we opened for ourselves quite acceptable network of feeding troughs with the fried chicken and macaroni with cheese.

I happened to try only two kitchens - Chinese and Mexican. The summary was invariable - pelmeni better! At the same time at any restaurant quite naturally to ask a box for packing unfinished with itself and as - it is paid! Also it is not obligatory at all, coming true, to smile - for a doggie, a pier.

Inviting guests to the house, Americans will cope previously what you prefer on hot - meat or fish? Also be sure that you will get your ONE piece. And owners should not eat up three more days a basin " Russian salad; and meat in French blessing the occasions allowing a family to eat on - festive not only in day of reception of guests, but also several days later. They to themselves are not able to create small pleasures!

With problem alcohol sometimes arise absolutely out of the blue (for us). Americans drink not less us, but is more often - much bigger wish-wash. Beer is on sale packings - it is much cheaper, than to take one small bottle. Especially, without having reached the house, you all the same will not drink it if at you there is nothing to wrap it from public eyes. They have no marking of content of sugar in wine therefore I could not find analog favourite Kindzmarauli from local Californian wines. Vodka fortress on a label of 98% cast me, the chemist, into a stupor. But the biggest shock was on December 24 when we were invited to a party and by kind Russian tradition decided to come with the small bottle, just in case. And so on Christmas alcohol is not on sale ANYWHERE and ANY, even beer, even at the most remote gas stations! Than they wash the newborn?

In conclusion I want to warn those who have problems with zheludochno - an intestinal path. Travel to America will be serious test for the most vulnerable part of your organism, be ready to it!

A my three-months stay in this full, and from it to the swelling country, will remind of itself change of forms and transition to the following weight category for a long time, despite all attempts to keep habitual culture of food and to lead active lifestyle.

of Health to you and bon appetit to it for the good!