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What is is shaven - the priest and how it appeared?

Today many (and, in my opinion, true) music lovers of the world already completely were tired of a pop-music, glamourous RnB. In Europe, in particular in Great Britain where in what - what, and are a good judge of music, gains steam, to be exact, gets a second wind it is shaven - the priest. Tell about it sales of albums and the awards awarded to representatives of this direction by the leading musical magazines. Having rummaged around the Network, I found a lot of interesting about is shaven - a bottom.

All began at the end of 1980 - x years when the British society at last understood that it was tired. Was tired of cold war, was tired of Margaret Thatcher`s government, was tired of plastic suits and hairdresses of a platform 80 - x. To all this it is shaven - the priest who appeared as an independent current only at the beginning of 90 - x and begun to extend with a huge speed, like a wave, opposed expressly retrotown, live romantic attitude. Charming melodies and - la McCartney, simple and clear harmonies, lamp guitar sound, old-fashioned organchik, string, bakhovsky pipes, the vocal in a special way processed and finds with the film scrolled back to front - all this was much used is shaven - popper.

But about everything one after another. At the beginning of 90 - x in America gloomy grunge, and in Britain anti-star techno - and India - fate dominated. Gradually in the ranks of India - groups a certain vacuum which was filled by representatives was formed it is shaven - a bottom. They dispelled a gloom and returned to life idea fate - stars and a sample easily grabbed the priest - songs with beautiful couplets and the memorable refrains and the guitar courses. To put it briefly, in many respects they took as a basis music 60 - x times British invasion to the States also combined it with loudness the punk - music of the end 70 - x, having taken also gradually at spendthrifts new wave and post-punk.

All it is shaven - the priest - groups have the identical concept which consists in regular release of hit singles and personal charm of the leader or lead singer of collective. Stylistically they differed sometimes very strongly. Besides, all groups differ depending on a geographical position of the district from which they it is. The phenomenon of northern England is known. So-called Manchester wave most responsible for emergence it is shaven - the bottom, properly nastuchat on brains of youth of the end 80 - x - the beginnings 90 - x.

The American fate - N - a beater which formed the basis practically of all branches modern the priest - music was the first considerable phenomenon for present groups after the invention of an electric guitar. Guitar reception shuffle which used fate - N - rolshchik 50 - x, it is still easy to track in compositions of OASIS and other British. Besides, the approximate standard guitar the priest - songs developed already then.

The following stage - emergence at the beginning of 60 - x THE BEATLES which established a standard of this song, raznoobraziv fate - N - rolny melodies, and followed it so-called British invasion when in the middle of 60 - x the British collectives began to win the American market promptly. In this time, perhaps, it is worth looking for roots it is shaven - a bottom. In creativity of today`s stars it is traced same, as well as in the middle of 60 - x, the relation to music and in many respects the concept three-minute hit the priest - a single with the memorable vocal melody. Besides practically all it is shaven - the priest - groups adore sound of guitars of an old sample and often use semi-acoustic Gibsona and Epifona .

The following phenomenon which influenced formation it is shaven - a bottom, the punk is. About the punk is written much therefore I will note only that for new British musicians very important was what the punk generated 70 at the end - x - the beginning 80 - x the post-punk, from him in turn appeared Manchester wave because of which grew it is shaven - the priest.

British fate - musicians of the end 80 - x - the beginnings 90 - x, the preaching old melodies and structure of songs as in 60 - e, found new ways in arrangement, thereby having become the main driving force British fate - music of the end 80 - x - the beginnings 90 - x. Such collectives put the beautiful, memorable melodies on kislotno - dancing rhythms and accompanied them with a set gitarno - keyboard turbulences. The main success fell to lot Blur and Oasis which in literal sense of " steel; pillars it is shaven - a bottom.

By the way, about the history Oasis: one of musical legends says that the guitar technician (or someone something like that) was expelled by Inspirial Carpets by the name of Noel Gellakher at the beginning of 90 - x from group for the use of drugs. Leaving, he told that Inspirial Carpets - the kollektivchik so-so, and promised that its own group will be most abruptly soon. Noel undertook a small group of the brother Liem and that turned out, you have to know if you did not stay in hibernation with 90 - x.

Britpopperov accuse in many respects, beginning from nonsense and loan of ideas from the past and finishing with excessive self-confidence. Nevertheless, a lot of things say goodbye them because they live music and try to make it rather beautiful. It is difficult for British to refuse musical taste. Besides, it is shaven - the priest - musicians lifted on due level a role of the personality in collective, their physiognomies on covers of various editions to that confirmation again. From charisma you will not get to anywhere, and it is very good if energy which goes from a star, not angry. She can force you to have fun, long, reflect, and often just gives you the chance to be surprised to beauty of music, to be surprised to people who are capable to create it and your emotions and love - the best for them an award

New generation of groups is guided by records which can already be considered classics tries to repeat, and then to create something the. At present it is shaven - the priest departs from the standard guitar the priest more and more - music to the area of experiments with electronic and other more exotic tools, becoming even more serious and thoughtful.

New and new releases confirm that the spirit is shaven - a bottom is unextinguishable. I from the experience would recommend Keane, Coldplay, Oasis, Razorlight, Starsailor, Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys.