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What is the ordinary person able?

we Will try to answer the question raised by us.

In each person is put potential on all kinds of activity which are on our planet. At the birth each person has 100% potential to begin whom he will want, and to be able all! In the course of life and, generally a growing, at the individual views, desires, the purposes are formed. Depends on it what kind of activity at the person will develop on all possible potential.

Here ask the person that he is able and that is not present. He will call several points in both cases. The most interesting if to ask why he did not try that he is not able, he will refer to such arguments which conduct to one conclusion - to me it is uninteresting . Then if something is interesting to the person, then he makes every effort, all the potential for that to achieve it. And if to it it is uninteresting, then it, having tried, throws this invention, or will not try at all.

Initially the person treats everything neutrally, both desires, and the purposes, are formed on the basis of appeal of this occupation. Watching the achieved results of others, he initially transfers their results to himself and if it is pleasant to it, then the individual goes on the second stage of an assessment - putting down of the purpose. If the person loves himself and is self-assured, then he, in most cases, will try to reach heights in this field. But if in the individual there lives some fear, or the stereotype imposed by someone from people around which flows further in a complex, he will tell - NO! I will not be able! also leaves from this purpose.

Many of us remember time when we told this phrase. And then the fear of new gained the increasing scales, and we gained full uncertainty in ourselves which leads to disappearance of the person as the individual interesting personality. It is time to tell himself - ENOUGH! And to overcome all the fears.

Try to understand for a start how strongly you love yourself: for this purpose there is a set of auto-trainings, seminars, about it the set of books is written. And then stand before yourself the purposes which are earlier removed in a far corner. I do not doubt, at you everything will turn out! And you will be proud of yourself, and will go surely to the following and following purpose. And, eventually, you will reach such level that you will understand - you can do everything, and only you choose what to be able and how to live!

And still, remembering the endured experience, do not allow the children to pass through it. Because not everyone can cross through himself, owing to the fact that silly think that from problems it is possible to hide. Therefore encourage children! Teach them to love yourself and everything that surrounds them, and then a brain of the person, as well as it was predetermined, it will be opened for 100%, and life will be bright and saturated.

I wish success!

Love yourself!