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How to behave with employees of militia to become for them uninteresting?

of People, as it is known - a being public, society need laws, and somebody needs to protect laws. In our society it somebody in most cases there is a militia, and sooner or later any of us can appear in a situation when communication with representatives of this department is well just inevitable.

We will not consider extreme cases of similar communication (may God give everybody as good not to test it), we will stop on a usual everyday situation: evening, street, police squad. And traditional - Citizen, your dokumentik!

Pervo - napervo itself needs to understand that there is nothing unnatural in this situation. The militia has the right to check documents at suspects under the law, and only hopelessly stupid or too lazy militiaman will not be able to prove (if it somebody demands from it) why specifically it counted you suspicious.

And here it is concrete to you to demand these justifications just and it is not desirable. In any case, on the first phase of communication with employees of militia. Because, at least, it prolongs time of communication with them that not for the benefit of any, even very best law-abiding, the citizen.

If you are not soiled by fresh blood (sorry, a joke), then the real reasons for which militiamen with the offer to show them your documents addressed you can be a little.

Perhaps, to them it is just boring. Do not give them pleasure the wit, boringly explain that documents were just left at home, boringly call the surname - a name and boringly go to yourself further. Telling a surname and the name of some acquaintance instead of the real, be in advance sure that precisely you know the address of a registration of this acquaintance and that it is not in criminal search. Why to you then to spend time, proving that you are you?

Perhaps, you slightly on a podpitiya. There is nothing illegal in it of course, but also it is excessive to focus attention of soldiers on absolute legality of your state too. Remember that law - not the mathematician, and accurate sides between slightly drunk and in a deranged state in principle not, so in case of malevolent succession of events your backs in the matter will be covered with nothing. Even if you feel very drunk, find forces distinctly to explain to misters militiamen that you live literally in five steps, you go just home peacefully to fall asleep in the bed under war cries of the beloved wife. They, most likely, will understand.

It is possible also that you is imperceptible for itself, but rather loudly used expression which some there secret censorship still for some reason considers obscene. In this case it is desirable to realize all weight and just to apologize. Children in shape too... not Ministers of Culture, and if you are sincere, then they again - most likely, will understand.

And the most interesting case - police officers really counted you as the suspect. Then just observe - to look how professionals work, always interestingly.

And finally some more general councils:

Smile. Unostentatiously, as to the seller in shop where you every time buy cigarettes.

are not hostile. Even if you are sure that is stronger than all dress and put them one left - know that the militia all the same has more, than you. you do not tell

to them that they do incorrectly and that they should do farther. Present yourself at the office - and incidentally come any passer-by who tells you similar! All the behavior show

that him it will be more pleasant to release you, than to potter then with you...

I, eventually, simply respect the militiaman. It - not the alien and not inkubatorskiya, it same, as well as you (only at present slightly - it is slightly dressed by the power). Remove mentally from it space suit also communicate, as with the living person.

And normal people will always understand each other.