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What do we note on March 8? Reflections aloud

International Women`s Day on March 8... For anybody not a secret that each woman waits for this holiday, probably, even more, than Birthday. This day it is provided to it lawful day off when it remorselessly can quietly lie on a sofa and watch TV or go on a visit, having provided to the blessed to manage in kitchen with a plate and an oven, and at the same time with the vacuum cleaner, a mop, washing both the dishwasher and the food processor at the same time. And then by the evening with quiet soul to come back home just for festive dinner and to pokapriznichat: whether that bought a gift to it her darling what she wanted.

Calm down, Men. Of course, the woman respecting herself will not allow to save by a holiday a heap of dirty things, dust and dirty ware even if this holiday - on March 8, and also salatik and preparations by a holiday as a rule become since evening, and even in one or two days (that became impregnated). Therefore usually to men if as gets, then to put ready meat in an oven and, maybe, most to set the table (if there are exceptions among the reading men of the " type; home cooks or the domokhozyain which are truly respecting the wife (I know - I know both such, and such men, but, unfortunately, minority), I apologize, the speech goes not about you here, and about other majority). But also it seems to them too a lot of work: If you need a holiday, then it and arrange . Giving a worthy gift: And who thought up this holiday? Tsetkin and Luxembourg? Here let they also give you gifts Though besides most of men will not agree with me, it is easier simple to pay off with a gift, than to get all the rest: cleaning, cooking etc. of

Honestly who thought up this holiday on March 8? And why we mark out him?

Small digression to history. All began at the beginning of spring of 1857 when tekstilshchitsa of New - York passed march of empty pans across Manhattan. They demanded pay rise, improvement of working conditions and the equal rights for women. Demonstration was dispersed, naturally, but it did noise in connection with the singularity fairly. This event even began to be called Women`s Day more than 50 Passed

- ti years, and last Sunday of February 1908 thousands of women took to the streets New again - York. This demonstration as it is possible to guess, was dated for that To Women`s Day 1857. Women began to demand a selective voice again, opposed atrocious working conditions, and in particular - work of children. The police dispersed demonstration by hoses with ice water.

In the following, 1909 Women`s Day was celebrated by marches and strikes of women again. In 1910 socialists and feminists carried out Women`s Day already over all country. Later same year delegatka went from the USA to Copenhagen to the Second International Conference of women - socialists where they met Klara Tsetkin At Conference in which more than 100 women from 17 countries took part all supported completely the offer to choose a certain day when they draw public attention to the requirements, roll-call vote of which emergence of the International day of solidarity of women in fight for economic, social and political equality was result. Exact date of this day at this conference was not defined.

For the first time the International Women`s Day was carried out on March 19, 1911 in Germany, Austria, Denmark and some other European countries.

B of the woman celebrated 1912 this day not on March 19, and on May 12. And only since its 1914 began to note on March 8.

In Russia of the woman celebrate this day annually since 1913. As Russia lived then, unlike all Europe, according to a Julian calendar, Mezhdunarodnyyzhensky Day at us in the country fell on February 23, but not for March 8.

In the USSR on March 8 long time was in the usual working afternoon, but on May 8, 1965, on the eve of 20 - the anniversaries of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the International Women`s Day was declared on March 8 in the USSR by the holiday.

By the way, since 2002 the International Women`s Day is celebrated in Russia as non-working holiday any more not under the Decree of 1965, and according to article 112 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation in the list from other nine public holidays of the Russian Federation.

Many doubt that this holiday really international . However in 1977 the UN adopted the resolution 32/142, having urged to proclaim all countries on March 8 day of fight for the female rights - the International Women`s Day. This day is declared national day off in the republics of the former USSR, and also in: To Angola, Burkina - Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Cambodia, China, Congo (there a holiday not international and Congolese women), Laos, Macedonia, Mongolia, Nepal, Northern Korea, Uganda, etc. countries.

So, at this holiday the revolutionary past? Also he from a subject of celebration and the woman`s glorification - the revolutionary and fight of women for the rights was born? Yes, all so, but nevertheless - what we celebrate NOW? Really all of us continue to struggle with men for EQUALITY?

And now I suggest to address history, even more ancient again, than that which we remembered now. For example:

in Ancient Rome celebrated on March 1 a holiday of women - Matronaliya, devoted to Juno Lutsina, the patroness of marriage, women and the birth of children. Married ladies (matrons) with wreaths in hands strode to Juno`s temple, and virgin vestals entered a sacred grove and hung up amulets from the ringlets on the oldest trees. Pregnant ladies let hair down and untied all small knots on clothes in hope that childbirth will take place safely. In gratitude for each newborn on Juno`s altar left on a coin. Husbands presented this day to wives expensive gifts, as the best of which jewelry were considered. It reminds nothing to you? The most popular types of gifts which give us men this day - spirits, cosmetics, flowers, jewelry.

Similar holidays - rituals were carried out in the early spring in many countries of the world: in Egypt, in Ancient Greece, at Scandinavian, Old German, Slavic and other people.

Now we see that this holiday came to us from antiquity. So it is a high time to remember true value of this holiday on March 8. This reminder to us, lovely Women that we are WOMEN: weak, fragile, gentle and loving, but bearing such heavy burden: to be keepers of a home, continuers of a sort, keepers of family traditions, to be the patient and forgiving, gentle and loving wives, mothers, daughters and sisters.

But it also a reminder and to you, dear Men, that near you there live your favourite weak women who so need your help, force, love and attention which want to feel that they have a reliable protection and a support at least once a year. Give to women flowers and gifts! Carry them on hands and pay compliments! Love and be happy!

Summing up the result of this article (or rather stories of Women`s Day on March 8), from the heart I want to congratulate all on this holiday of Spring, but not on the International Women`s Day, and on the Holiday of the Real Womanly Women and Strong Men!