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How endowments of children of the pastor Bronte developed? Whether

Can be all children in a family gifted? Yes, can - history answers if in the childhood intensively to develop abilities and, especially, the imagination. At the priest from Yorkshire Patrick Bronte was six children: five daughters - Maria, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Aemilia, Anna and the son Brenuell. In youth Patrick worked as the weaver, conceived a liking for reading and very much wanted to get an education. To study simple poor Luda it was very difficult in those days, and it, having studied divinity, decided to become the priest.

Patrick Bronte received church parish in Gouvort, near the industrial city of Leeds. He was married, and in 1820 lodged with a family in the gloomy house near a cemetery. Mother of children of the priest died early - after younger Anna, in 1821, and on a cemetery near the house the first hillock with a surname " appeared; Bronte . The death of the wife so shook the pastor that he became closed, unsociable, devoting all the free time to prayers and church duties, having given care of children to the old servant and having obliged the senior girls to help younger.

U it was fine library - it brought together her being still young...

The senior girls early became interested in books with exotic pictures, read much, and then taught reading younger. Having joined hands, they walked among crosses and monuments on a cemetery, remembered read and thought out different stories. In the evenings children settled at a fireplace, and elder sisters read books from library of the father about various adventures.

When the senior Maria was twelve years old, Patrick Bronte decided to send four girls to charitable school for children of clergy in Is forged - the Bridge, without having taken an interest in conditions of accommodation and training. He was very severe father, did not suffer to himself pity and could burn the shoes presented to children in a fireplace. Also the deserted girls from the parental house got to the heaviest conditions of the shelter existing on pathetic donations...

This terrible school in It is forged - the Bridge will describe in the novel Jen Eyre Maria`s sister, Charlotte, under the name of the Lovudsky orphanage. Elder sister live will not return to the parental house any more: a year later at school the typhus epidemic caused by disgusting food flashed and among its victims there was a favourite of children - Maria. The father took away the girls who survived, home, but too late - eleven-year-old Elizabeth was already sick with a consumption and soon died in the house near a cemetery. Charlotte will remove her image in the girlfriend Jen Eyre on the Lovudsky shelter - Elaine Burns.

After Maria and Elizabeth Sr. death there is nine-year-old Charlotte. Now she manages in fatherly library, becomes engrossed in reading of Shakespeare, Byron, and itself begins to write verses. In a year after death of elder sisters of Charlotte thinks out interesting game and distracts the brother and sisters from gloomy thoughts. This game and statements of various performances children had a good time for many years until in 1831 elder sister was admitted to paid school in Rowe - Gede.

What the game which is intensively developing abilities was? Children had to think out as envisioned by Charlotte different stories about the nonexistent countries with inclusion of the events which were taking place actually. She, for example, wrote a story about Engriya who was, allegedly, in the Western Africa with the brother, and Aemilia and Ann thought up the state Mohair.

Then they prepared performances on the thought-up stories, drew scenery and illustrations. In the thought-up countries children included in the incidents which are written down by microscopic small letters the real historical events and literary characters. At Brenuyell drawing illustrations, portraits and scenery the talent of the artist developed. When Charlotte was fifteen years old and she was admitted to school in Rowe - Gede, schoolgirls of this institution were surprised to extensive knowledge of the girl in the history, literature, geography

Sisters were fond also of poetry, composed verses, and Bronte sent one of the poems to 1837 Mr. of Charlotte to the famous court poet of that time Robert Souti, but got in reply strict advice: not to be engaged in writing, to remember family duties of the woman. Charlotte ceases to compose some time, works as the teacher at school, serves as the governess, without giving up hopes sometime to publish the verses and sisters. She manages to make it under the man`s pseudonym Bell`s Brothers - Kerrer, Ellis and Ekton Bell and in 1847 each of sisters writes the novel, and the same year Aemilia`s novel Wuthering Heights and also Ann`s composition Agnes Gray were printed.

The publishing house rejected Charlotte`s work Teacher but she did not lose courage and already later half a year sent the new novel Jen Eyre - fascinating story about the poor girl. Author Vanity Fairs William Thackeray admitted that some love scenes forced it to cry . Charlotte Bronte quickly becomes the famous writer and provides herself financially.

Here so, dear friends, love to the book, a children`s habit to dream, commitment and persistence developed literary talent in Bronte`s sisters, and they, despite short-term stay in the world of live, left a bright mark in the world literature. Read books and impart to them love at the kids - literature enriches with knowledge, entertains, advises, learns and consoles. Take care and are respectful to the book!