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How symbiosis in the nature is shown?

of the Bee and flowers - the beautiful commonwealth.

the Unique commonwealth of hardworking bees and flowers - one of examples of symbiosis serving for continuation of life, both plants, and insects. The bee takes nectar and pollen from flowers and, flying from a flower on a flower, delivers to other flowers pollen, necessary for pollination.

Thanks to this commonwealth many plants can breed. But after pollination in flowers there is no food left for their hardworking friends. And, that the bee did not strain once again, flowers have many ways to report about it to bees: they lose aroma, dump petals, turn off the heads in other party or change color and fade. In relation to bees - toilers it politeness manifestations. Seeing such flowers, a bee flies further in search of nectar and pollen.

Sometimes bees in search of food should overcome huge distances. Once I had to try honey from flowers of a camel prickle which grows in the desert. Tasted gentle and fragrant white color honey, and before eyes involuntarily there was a picture - the hot hot desert and the little bee in search of a small lonely bush of a camel prickle which so needs the help of this little tireless toiler.

Scientists claim that 70 percent of the blossoming plants exist thanking an insect. Besides, 30 percent of foodstuff make the cultures pollinated by bees.


More than millennium ago the tsar Solomon, watching the nature, wrote about little insects: Go to an ant, an idler, look at it on actions, and be wise. It has neither chief, nor a pristavnik, nor the master; but it makes in the summer the bread, collects in a harvest-time the food . Parables 6:6 - 8.

Life of ants - a fine example of cooperation, diligence and aspiration to an order. If to observe ants, it is possible to notice how they amicably drag to themselves to the house various freights, and often happens so that these trophies exceed several times the sizes of insects. Some ants even help wounded and tired relatives to arrive home. It is no wonder that the wise tsar Solomon cited a little ant to us as an example.

Ants live in the most various places. And some of them even moved to city apartments. But nevertheless, many species of ants, of course, live in the natural conditions - the woods and gardens where there are a lot of plants which provide them the dwelling and livelihood. Before the benefactors ants are not in debt, and in exchange for household services insects pollinate these plants, extend their seeds, help plants to extract nutrients, and also protect them from insects and others herbivorous robbers .

For example, ants very much are on friendly terms with an acacia. Insects choose to themselves apartments in hollow thorns of a tree, at the same time they destroy climbers, harmful to an acacia, which occur them in the path when they are engaged in improvement of the territory. For high-quality service the acacia indulges the little lodgers sweet juice.

And who in the childhood did not observe how ants go in for cattle breeding as they vypasat and milk the cows ? Certain species of ants, it appears, excellent cattle-farmers, and prefer to have the cattle breeding farms where they breed plant louses. When these ants want to have dinner, they slightly tickle cows the short moustaches, and those emit sweet medvyany dew which is so loved by ants.

Birds - thrill-seekers.

In the nature very amazing, and, at first sight, unsafe commonwealth meets, but it just seems so. Actually everything looks much more prosy. For example, the birdie under the name a Senegalese avdotka drives friendship with a Nile crocodile who directs horror at all local fauna. This factor in the purposes just is also used by a little resourceful birdie.

It twists the nest near a laying of an awful and artful crocodile who often wishes to regale also on birds. But at a crocodile to an avdotka the special relation - she helps to protect its laying of eggs. And if the bird`s or crocodile nest is threatened by danger, the avdotka gives a signal, and a crocodile, giving up all affairs, hurries on protection of the dwelling and posterity, well, of course, and nests of a resourceful birdie.

And a big-eared owl, so that also safely drags in the nest where her little baby birds, a predator - an uzkoroty snake live. It appears, the owl settles a snake as the housewife and " at home; hospital attendant who eats ants, flies and other evil spirits, at the same time without doing any harm to baby birds. And according to scientists, such neighbourhood has only favorable effect on baby birds - they grow quicker, are ill less as the snake eats all carriers of an infection.

Hospital attendants on the land and in water.

But hospital attendants. For example, the Egyptian herons or krasnoklyuvy buyvolovy starlings it is possible to see often sitting on backs of the antelopes, zebras, giraffes and buffalo s who are pecking out something from their skins, but it does not disturb animals at all, and opposite, delivers the mass of pleasure.

When carrying out similar procedures of a bird render to animals big service, eating various parasites of whom animals cannot get rid. These birds are the real cosmetologists, they constantly watch a condition of skin of the patients, pecking out pieces of the died-off skin and larvae. And krasnoklyuvy starlings still carry out also a role of the sentry who vigilantly watches enemies of the patients, and at the first danger gives a signal, publishing a peculiar whistle.

Huge hippopotamuses surrounded themselves with a big staff of assistants. As hippopotamuses should carry out the most part of life in water, help to clean a skin to them not only birds, but also scaly friends. So far the hippopotamus is in water, black labeo as if the vacuum cleaner, carefully clean his skin from seaweed, pieces of the died-off fabric and parasites. These small fishes even brush to a hippopotamus teeth and gums. The hippopotamus at the same time receives a full and qualitative complex of service.

But skin problems are not only at animals, but also at many fishes, especially sea which need a permanent care of the appearance. First of all it is necessary for large fishes to whose body external bacteria, various Crustacea, louses and fungi stick Bright, multi-colored bull-calves and shrimps - cleaners professionally are engaged in it in procedures. Little assistants honestly and with high quality serve the clients, at the same time receiving food which came to them to a mouth.

If the fish wishing to make toilet needs to use the services cleaners it gives them various signals, as a rule it is the unusual poses showing friendliness and safety. Cleaners as true doctors, first of all think of the patient, and readily come to the rescue even if them client - dangerous predator: moray eel or shark.

As surprisingly simply our world is also harmoniously arranged. It is only necessary to watch it, without breaking laws under which it develops, and then on Earth among all its inhabitants the world and harmony will set in.