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What is the psychophysiology of the woman interesting by? Welcome

, 99,9% reading these lines hardly will doubt to what floor they belong. And where there is their addition. But further - it is more difficult than

What now serves as the main uniting idea of mankind? Lord? Belief in bright future and scientifically - technical progress? Love? Sexual inclination? With regret has to allow is or monetary, or it is (even worse) chemical religion ... Outside the future associations it is impossible to make out neither God, nor the future, nor love, nor a floor.

On the example of professional studying of soul within centuries it is simple to see the increasing irrelevance of the problem connected with a floor in modern society. As a bright example - psychopathology history. To each stage of development of humanity at the same time there corresponds the illness surrounded with a cover of secret and becoming standard madnesses.

In the beginning were are explained and after this - are brought out of actually psychiatry in neurology and infectious diseases it is traditional, symbolically man`s : epilepsy ( illness of great husbands ) and progressive paralysis (syphilitic damage of a brain). The era of neurosises which succeeded them, first of all - hysteria, marked approach female era in studying of soul. Thanks to S. Freud`s psychoanalysis, clarification of a role of sexual desire and the suppressed sexual motives neurosises passed from competence of the neuropathologist under protection of the psychiatrist, and then - are washed away to the " level; everyday norm through sexual revolution and the psychosomatic theory. The hysteria exception of the operating International Classification of Diseases became deification of it.

It is safely possible to call the twentieth century in a prism of psychopathology a century of schizophrenia - the frustration possessing ability to destroy a sexual inclination and behavior. From an easy hand of anti-psychiatrists and laymans many deviations existing in the world began to call schizophrenia, and its borders in classification of diseases were significantly narrowed. But - times change also now, and for a drug addiction of a problem of a floor does not exist at all. Psychoactive agents can give us long-awaited short-sighted people decision in total eternal questions (including sexual), having just destroyed their reason.

Inflation of a problem of a floor (as before was with neurosises and schizophrenia) neiizbezhno causes emergence mass fondly - psychological myths (prejudices) and attempt of a seksualization of what initially that was not (computer technologies, cars, policy). If you do not trust - watch TV, read any newspaper...

In such conditions will be written by something about sexual problems to the most tselesobrazny, based on the biologist - mathematical positions, despite their some simplified nature. Whether fondly to treat itself as to an internal combustion engine, trying to clean " slags; or to polish cellulitis? However it - let fragile, but nevertheless protection against bias and cynicism.

What belongs to certainly female can be divided into three big properties, qualities. The first of them is a prevalence of the principle of heredity (constant parameters) over variability. That is, the woman is memory of our look.

as opposed to bigger male mobility and the fastest reaction to incentives (sinusoid), female adaptation is based on preservation of the best, on gradual maturing, blossoming (the reproductive period) idaly - in slow withering - after an exhibitor. It is confirmed by limited number of gametes (gametes), existence of cyclic processes with the set rhythm, big conservatism in good understanding of this word from within.

In real life the instinctive, physiological moments are shown in mediated, through polorolevy behavior, a form. They are well displayed in classical literature, and especially - in mythology. At the same time mythologies of different cultures do not come into conflict with each other in display of the woman (amazons - are not counted). Modern life with its surprising dynamism, pantophagy and orientation to the fastest achievement will come into conflict with the principle of heredity, generating many problems.

The second important quality - ability to a reproduction (to incubation and work on light of posterity). the saying - " Exists; it is possible to give rise without man, but try to give rise without woman .

The Reproduktivnost is closely connected with heredity and follows from it. Because even if traditionally described man miraculously was capable to conception, hardly at man`s polorolevy behavior this pregnancy could end happily...

in the course of a reproduction all bodies and systems of an organism experience additional strain and become much more vulnerable. There is a question - whether not there is an increasing quantity of cases of infertility presently natural regulatory reaction of population on ecological (in the broadest sense) trouble? Long ago it is worth thinking not only of purity and safety of environment, but also of ecology mental, and of spirit ecology. Otherwise Earth will pass self-cleaning process already without us...

The third unique female quality - ability to perceive something from world around and to reproduce in absolutely new, until then not existing quality. the Accepted seed gives rise to a fruit, components of food turn into maternal milk, the production brought by the man and the reaped crop - into bread and another, not existing in the nature, dishes, received impressions - into skills of education of posterity. It - puts again before us a problem - what we can offer the woman presently? How qualitatively it? Whether it will go for the future or it is only temptation, a substitute?

There is one more derivative of three manifestations mentioned by us. It is constant risk of separation, the programmed withdrawal of children from a family, smaller life expectancy of the satellite - men. In modern way the loneliness and separation became nearly a norm of life. And here the painful secret can disappear.

The matter is that when losing something valuable to itself the human mentality unconsciously tries to identify itself with lost. It allows to alleviate mental anguish. However along with the anesthetizing action gradually deforms outlook and behavior. Whether is a natural consequence of the mental injuries done each other, the separations deceived expectations what some experts call biarkhat - disappearance until then typical polorolevy behavior, with feminization of men, a masculinization of women, domination of a unisex?

The entry into a time of a biarkhat puts such problems which had never to be solved before people. Mistakes are made much and, perhaps, will be even more. Recognizing existence of a problem of floors, we tried to fight against it in the different ways instead of accepting it as blood human line. And today shows that to have a floor very painfully, however is vital. As someone from church figures told, exactly thanks to existence of a sex of the person it is possible to consider as a being more valuably and mnogogranny an angel. Perhaps, to someone after these not always harmonous and not so sublime lines the phrase protect women will cease to seem groundless banality and will find applied sense...