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What is an art - therapy? Whether

It is possible to become less disturbing or timid, simply having drawn a series of drawings? Whether it is real if you are oppressed, apparently, by an unsoluble problem, to remove it from together with the mask made and painted with own hands? Whether professional career owing to work with banal plasticine or clay will become more effective? The art - therapy - a method of treatment mental (and not only) frustration and psychological problems by means of art creativity can give answers to these questions.

Recently this little-known direction in our country draws the increasing attention to itself. The reasons of it are covered in softness and appeal of the process of doctoring, in use of visual and plastic expression of the experiences and the conflicts that shades the inevitable patient in verbal dialogue and the expert pain, in harmonization and research of those parties of our life for which words are of little use or is not suit at all, in a gumanistichnost of the offered approach with unconditional acceptance and respect of the specific personality everyone addressed.

The range of its opportunities is very wide - and heavy (as schizophrenia and it is maniacal - depressive psychosis) mental disorders, both neurosises, and psychosomatic (for example, stomach ulcer) violations, and the help to the victims of crises and accidents (military, spontaneous, technogenic), alcoholic and drug addiction, violations of behavior and progress at children and teenagers, problems of migrants and unemployed, and many others. It - only on frustration of mentality. In general, the art - therapy suits for many, up to infectious and oncological, diseases because it is one of the few methods which really treat not an illness, and the patient (speak, it was bequeathed by Hippocrates). Even obvious pathology of sense organs is not an obstacle: the blind person can mold and work with music, not hearing - to draw and so on. The same is also about diseases oporno - the motive device, up to a full immovability. Age range is also wide: remember to whom lullabies and who else keeps the forgotten traditions of folk art are addressed...

The art - therapy can be put in the same row with preclassical the spontaneous art (regardless of a genre) deprived of conventions and stereotypes and which is bearing the impress in itself souls of the author despite of classical canons. Let`s remember a cave of Nask and the Novgorod birchbark manuscripts, bone figures from ancient barrows, children`s sand castles on the sea coast and even sincere, wide Osya and the Pussycat were here! . Unlike the speech, the graphic product can transfer opposite, dual, conflict at the same time and in parallel.

A carrying out form the art - therapies can be both especially individual, and group (with use of in common created atmosphere and group " projects;). Drawing, a molding, application, work with fabric and a tree, improvised objects, production of masks - almost everything can be material of creativity. Work can be combined with musical impact, plasticity, elements of dramatization and meditation - a range " tools; it is almost inexhaustible.

Duration and number of holding sessions ( " sessions;) in advance make a reservation, as well as the psychotherapeutic order put by the client makes a reservation (on achievement of this or that result, on study of this or that undesirable phenomenon - " complex; for work in strictly certain key with opened result, and so on).

Alternation of independent work of the client (or groups of clients) and active dialogue with discussion, an exchange of associations and interpretation of the received material, correction of its contents after receiving " is carried out to operating time; feedback and own enlightenments ( insayt in the psychotherapist`s terminology). Are frequent a catharsis (clarification with negative experiences), bright manifestations of humour and even the curing tears - the real psychotherapy has not much in common with the banal calming stroking... The atmosphere of occupations has very little general with treatment in the standard understanding of this word, and reminds fascinating travel rather - game. At the same time the person tests himself, gets acquainted with the little-known parties of own inner world and learns to solve problems differently.

Without replacing with itself instrumentalno - the laboratory inspection and medicinal treatment appointed according to the standard indications, an art - the therapy which is carried out by the trained professional (and such is), it is capable to enrich significantly an arsenal of the means offered by modern medicine, to strengthen effect of other appointments, to raise a self-assessment of sufferers and to make their relations with the treating personnel deeper and confidential.