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What the women bag will tell about?

How many in the world of women unlike at each other (blondes - brunettes, high - tiny, thin - fat), and always in own way beautiful, individual, stylish, there is so much also various handbags (big - small, strict - cheerful monophonic - multi-colored, motley, bright) Any girl, the girl, the woman has the handbag, and at times and not one, but the whole collection!

According to researches of foreign psychologists, a secret of female character can be easily revealed if to pay attention to what bag is chosen to herself by the woman.

The bag of the big sizes is characteristic of active nature with a broad outlook and the increased working capacity. Usually such bag easily opens and has many offices (only do not confuse it to a shopping bag).

Graceful the handbag is carried by the distinguished natures finding a lot of time of the appearance. They, though go to work, devote the main part of time to foreign talk.

Tiny a handbag without handle, a so-called cosmetics bag. In it put a notebook, a cosmetics bag, the handle, a trifle. The small volume of a handbag speaks about restraint and organization of the hostess.

Scientists adhere to such classification (S. Stepanov, Appearance Language ) but it would be desirable to specify and repeat: often at the woman not one, and at once several bags. As a rule, if you buy a tiny handbag (for example, for issues or solemn occasions), then not to do also without another in any way - handbags for every day. Or, on the contrary, you buy a bag of the big sizes, so-called beautiful and practical string-bag and with it it is, seemingly, comfortable and habitual, but in one of days (and sometime it will surely come), having put on an evening dress and hairpins, you understand that it will not approach this dress in any way.

Perhaps, bags it is impossible to classify and try to reveal psychological features of hostesses with their help? The real woman always remains a riddle, unpredictable and different: today we want to be defenseless and shy, imperious and independent

tomorrow Probably, psychologists understood that with a fine half of mankind not everything is so unambiguous therefore offered other research. According to experts, it is possible to learn much about the woman if to take a detached view not of a handbag, and to glance in it. It is necessary also to us, friends to peep

" Style ; chaos . In such handbag of a thing of prime necessity lie deeply at the bottom. To find for the ticket or a notebook, her owner should take out a half of contents, wasting at the same time a lot of time. Obviously, women live under the motto Any problems! . Easily get acquainted, easily leave. And one more feature: never it is impossible to insist that persons of this stamp quickly made something or found. It discomposes them - both in life, and at work With such ladies hardly.

" style ; perfect order . This handbag - the complete antithesis previous. Everything that will be required, always near at hand. Character of women who have such handbags, active and reliable. They are correct, polite, sure of themselves. Have organizing abilities.

Collection handbag. In it store the used tickets at cinema and theater, the crumpled recipes, prospectuses, buttons, cuttings from newspapers and magazines with useful tips, letters, photos etc. Hostesses of such handbags are pensive and a little careless, and also are not too practical in everyday affairs.

Bag for all occasions. What in it is only not present! Spare points, a set of drugs, the phonebook, a deodorant, manicure accessories, several sets of keys, threads with a needle etc. Such set testifies to efficiency, a practicality and worldly wisdom of the woman. And sometimes and about kind heart.

Official style. In a handbag constantly notebooks, a notebook, the calculator, the handle are (and not one!), dictophone, camera, specialized magazine or fresh newspaper The set of all accessories speaks for itself: this lady - gravity, real business - the lady or the creative person. Such women are distinguished by self-confidence, a lack of humour, and sometimes and naive idea of many everyday affairs.

To agree with these classifications or not - the right of each woman. Though any handbag by all means yes will tell something about her owner, as if you did not want that! Be beautiful and unpredictable, lovely ladies! Let your handbags will be to you faithful and strong girlfriends, to spite of all winds and bad weather!