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Whether there is an advantage of crystal meat?


bred probably - is invisible. In March, 2003 about 300 tons of jellyfishes hammered water intaking filters of desalination plant of Al - Gubra in the Sultanate of Oman, the capital of Oman Muscat was left without water. Before millions of brown jellyfishes with a diameter about 20 cm blocked clearing filters of the desalination Label plant and the cooling system of plant on gas liquefaction.

At us it is not better. In comparison with other Seas Black Sea - the desert, waters in it are poisoned with hydrogen sulfide. But there are enough jellyfishes in it. Only in the Black Sea their biomass twice exceeds the mass of all people on the globe.

It is difficult to present that for someone a jellyfish is a food, their body - continuous water. But they with pleasure are eaten by many species of fish, for example, the Pacific salmons. For the Pacific fish zapror and some species of turtles of a jellyfish - the main object of food.

To us in wonder, but them also people eat! Not for nothing in old times Russians called jellyfishes sea " fat;. And in China the jellyfish and now is called crystal " meat;. In ancient times the jellyfish kornerot was considered as a delicacy on convivial tables of Romans. And presently both a kornerot, and Aurelia, and ropily eat with pleasure in China, Korea and Japan. Jellyfishes are salted, fry, dry, preserved. Salting procedure multistage and sometimes lasts more than a month. Hundreds of tons of jellyfishes go on sale. Taste of a jellyfish neutral, and her it is possible to shade various spices, as Chinese do, letting out the mass of delicious dishes on the basis of a jellyfish.

In Russia, at Far East Institute of food technologies and merchandizings the compounding of dozen of various dishes from jellyfishes, for example, " is already developed; The Jellyfish in the wine " sauce;. And if application within the country is not found for them, they can quite be sold to the same Chinese.

It is no secret that any seafood, from sea cabbage and herring to notorious cod liver is very useful to health. It appears, and meat of a jellyfish contains the mass of useful substances, valuable minerals and amino acids. In this regard it is very expedient to apply jellyfishes in medicine.

In the Middle Ages from a kornerot produced diuretic and a depletive. And now from the poison which is contained in feelers of jellyfishes develop drugs for treatment of pulmonary diseases and regulation of a blood pressure. Farmers of Caribbean countries use poison of fizaliya as a poison for rats. The phosphors allocated from jellyfishes use for the biochemical analysis.

You saw ever green mice? Such they were made by the genes of jellyfishes replaced by it. So far it is only the first experiences, but continuing them, scientists hope to find effective remedies of fight against baldness and a gray hair. The genes of jellyfishes introduced in monkeys will help to struggle, according to scientists, with cancer and diabetes.

But best of all jellyfishes help to struggle with a stress. In Japan jellyfishes are bred in aquariums. The smooth slow movements of jellyfishes bring rest and a pacification in soul. To support jellyfishes very troublesome and expensively. But do not forget, we live in a century of electronics. In the same Japan the first robots - jellyfishes already appeared. Unlike the real jellyfishes they not only smoothly and beautifully swim, but at desire of the owner can dance under music.