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How to win against a stress?

Alas, all of us are familiar with this mister. As well as with his accomplices - madam Nervotrepkaya, monsieur Napryagom and the whole family of Time troubles, Pressures, Troubles both other, and other. Why to strain the imagination, naming strokes of bad luck. Let`s better think how to fight with them.

Strategic objective: we try to apprehend any stress as test, had passed which, we will be able to understand better ourselves, to learn about world around more and, having taken out the corresponding lessons, updated and armed, we continue to live actively and joyfully. Tactics can be various.

Traditional means

Oh, harmful!. It if stress to jam or to perekurivat or, what there, and to wash down and at all not aerated water.

Pluses: can help if stressik - babies. But whether not to regret the health?

Minuses: for each stress of health - that can just not be enough

Run in a drugstore

Is, there are such citizens who grab soothing at once, will not point a finger.

Pluses: these butylyochka and tubes for this purpose are also thought up.

Minuses: but if novopassit at you constantly in a handbag???

to Have a good time?

Which of girls does not know that purchase of new lipstick, a rag, the car (necessary to emphasize) - fine means from some experiences. And if you not the girl, and even on the contrary, healthy man, and to have a good time you understand as to go on a spree with friends - see Traditional means .

Pluses: absolutely harmlessly, if not to assimilate to Ellochke - the Cannibal.

Minuses: not with all experiences.

to Distract!

Here options weight. At your choice - to construct a bath at the dacha, to make clear-out in the apartment, to finish the thesis, to write down a disk, to sort blockages on a loggia, to throw out all second-hand articles from the house.

In hard cases to distract it is necessary constantly... Well, three baths are hardly necessary to you. Then, maybe, every day to go in with the son for mathematics? to make for a family a dinner from five dishes? to begin to paint pictures?

Pluses: public usefulness approaches the highest point. And suddenly in ourselves we will open some talent?

Minuses: it is not found. Let`s not forget only, having begun to enjoy, to experience that a stress - that already behind.

by It is meditated

are universal remedies. To stay outdoors. To swim for a while in the pool or to take the weakening bath if at the sea it is impossible. To listen to favourite music. To spend evening with a cat and a cup of herbal tea behind easy cinema.

Pluses: continuous.

Minuses: sometimes the situation demands active actions. Then meditation - not our recipe.

we Communicate

who Here as - to cry on a shoulder of the girlfriend, to come on a favourite forum, to find somebody and ICQ, to descend to the psychologist, at last. In general, we do not shun to ask the help when it is really necessary. If you understand communication only for three - see Traditional means .

Pluses: unambiguous.

Minuses: not all are able.

we Work as on ourselves

A all above-mentioned - ways to endure a stress, but not to fight against it? And how our strategy of self-improvement?!

It is necessary to let itself think - why so it turned out? whether it was possible to avoid it? what now to do? When we are overwhelmed by mixed feelings, overflow emotions and even tears smother, we will wonder that we feel. Pain? Offense - on whom? Fear - what? What will be in the very best worst case and then to do? Rage? Anger? Rage?

Pluses and minuses: it is absolutely necessary, but it is so heavy!

to Give vent to feelings! to Beat with

to a bokserskuyugrush. In general, to descend to the gym. To beat plateaus. To tear manuscripts (the second copy). To trample down a hat (well, here is how Napoleon a cocked hat).

Pluses: fast simplification.

Minuses: it is impossible to be mistaken object!

and again we work as on ourselves

It is realized the drawn conclusions. We smile to the reflection. We Visualize disposal of a problem images clear to us.

Pluses: we get out of a track.

Minuses: with a great effort? and where to disappear!

Here still a certain way, it is only unclear where to carry it - good sex with darling - and will give vent to feelings, both will demand activity, and will distract, and will weaken.

Well, there is a wish to hope that we will cope with the tests. And to wish us to whistle more often the known tune - Do not worry, be happy!