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What do we know about tuberculosis? On March 24 - the World Day of fight against tuberculosis of

is around the world spent Day of fight against tuberculosis Annually on March 24. - m to year in Berlin doctor Robert Koch declared

this day in 1882 opening of this dreadful disease which still threatens each of us.

In Russia the tuberculosis once proclaimed a disappearing illness gets epidemic forms today. The decrease in a standard of living of the population, growth of alcoholism, drug addiction, huge army of bums released from correctional facilities is the main reason for growth of incidence. The essential contribution is brought also by the population shift which sharply increased in recent years. The important factor promoting incidence growth is reduction of coverage of the population routine inspections and reduction of a share of the TB patients revealed at early stages.

Tuberculosis - one of the most ancient infectious diseases. This chronic infectious disease is characterized by education in bodies of specific inflammatory changes. Tuberculosis affects practically all bodies and systems of an organism. But the most frequent localization of tuberculosis are respiratory organs.

The causative agent of tuberculosis are tuberculosis mikobakteriya. A source of infection are sick people or pets. The main source of infection - the sick person. Most often tuberculosis extends vozdushno - a drop way (through the adult`s lungs per day there pass about 15 cubic meters of air). At cough, sneezing, conversation of the TB patient in air, on a floor and walls of the room, use objects, the smallest droplets of a phlegm and saliva get. Microbes after drying of a phlegm long remain viable, especially in dimly lit places, even in the dried phlegm and on various objects they survive to six - eight months. It causes an opportunity kontaktno - household transfer through ware, linen, books.

The survival of the activator tuberculosis was studied on a soil surface at a depth of 5, 10, 20 cm. The causative agent of tuberculosis in merzlotny soils shows considerable resistance to influence of adverse factors. Being exposed to repeated freezing and thawing, it keeps viability on a surface of the soil of 12 months.

Not only people, but also animals have tuberculosis. Therefore infection at the use of not boiled milk, not boiled thoroughly meat, eggs is possible, at care of sick pets.

Therefore tuberculosis can catch as a result of direct contact with the patient anywhere and optional. People of different age and a floor have tuberculosis. Koch`s stick does not distinguish the social status, and with identical efficiency infects the poor and the rich.

For the first time the mikobakteriya of tuberculosis which got into an organism extend in a human body, but not necessarily cause a disease. Many of them perish. But some can keep viability and for years to be in an organism, for the time being without doing it harm. Adverse factors - poor housing conditions, defective food, a lack of good drinking water, stresses, a sleep debt, decrease in resilience of an organism owing to the postponed other diseases, low sanitary culture of the population increase probability of infection. Those who abuse alcohol and smoking are very subject to a disease of tuberculosis. All this reduces organism resilience, and the meeting with Koch`s stick is wrapped in the tragedy.

It is difficult to treat tuberculosis because it mutated also adapted to those preparations which influenced it earlier. There were tuberculosis mikobakteriya steady against medicines. It occurs from - for adverse the ecological environment and reception of medicamentous means without appointment of the doctor.

In due time revealed tuberculosis will respond to treatment better.

To save itself from infection with tuberculosis, it is necessary:

to Refuse addictions which reduce organism resilience.

to Watch purity and order in the room and beyond its limits.

not to allow littering and a congestion of dust.

Daily to make cleaning of the apartment and furniture in the damp way.

As often as possible to air the room.

not to clean clothes and footwear in the room.

Always to wash hands before food.

to Observe a diet.

not to buy meat, milk in the spontaneous markets.

to eat only boiled milk.

to Observe a work-rest schedule.

to Temper the organism.

to go in for physical culture and sport.

it is more often to span to happen in the fresh air.

to Struggle with a stress.

fluorographic inspection is regular to take place.

to be irreconcilable to sanitary shortcomings. Not to hesitate to do the remark to ignoramuses.

Observing necessary precautionary measures, it is possible to protect himself from danger of infection. Fight against tuberculosis will be successful only when all of us together begin to follow rules of fight against an artful illness and to demand performance them from people around.

And if you think that it will not concern you, then you are mistaken. Tuberculosis is not won, it among us, and every minute on Earth people suffer from it.

The world Day of fight against tuberculosis was founded to urge the population to protect own health.