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Whether Winston Churchill " thought out; Iron Curtain ?

on March 5, 1946, acting in Westminster college in Fultona (the State of Missouri, the USA), U. Churchill pronounced become historical the words From Szczecin on Baltic to Trieste on Adriatic Sea over Europe the Iron Curtain which divided Europe " fell;

This speech became a reference point for a start cold war .

It is remarkable that the English politician for the rest of the natural considered this performance as the most important in the career. And in fact, it turned out that he the first declared war of the USSR, trying to become the in the opinion of the American public.

But Churchill, using this juicy a slogan - Iron Curtain most likely, did not guess who was a literary father of this expression. He just used the favourite phrase not somebody, and Joseph Goebbels who quite often used this expression during World War II. But with Goebbels - that everything is clear - in his words it was the allegory, a peculiar hint on a huge steel board from tank wedges which it is necessary to cut the Soviet Union, having separated it from other Europe.

But also Goebbels borrowed this expression from earlier sources. For the first time it was sounded in far 1920 when the countries of the Entente undertook massive approach to the Soviet Russia. To whom it belongs - now it is impossible to establish. However it is persistently attributed to Churchill.

Meanwhile, the real Iron Curtain existed. In medieval theaters of Europe with its help rescued the audience during the fire. In times when the electricity did not exist, and the scene was lit by means of usual candles, cases when the flame flashed were frequent. And if actors could not bring down it within several minutes, on a scene the Iron Curtain which separated a fire source from the audience fell.

So apparently, the first steadily expression the person who was rather well knowing history began to apply it!

But we will return to the fultonovsky speech and by the beginning cold war . The matter is that the sick leader of opposition Churchill spent several last months of winter of 1945 and the beginning of spring of 1946 to the USA where it was significantly more comfortable, than in foggy Albion. And the leading politician did not waste the time. First of all he decided to get support of the then American president Harry Truman. Calculation was obvious: which of the English politicians will be supported by the president of the country gaining power, to that, as they say, and cards in hands. Proceeding from it, Churchill tried to meet as often as possible Truman and even invited him to stay for a while on historical speeches in Fultona.

Together they got on the special train, having gone to the place of performance. Very few people know that the American president became the first witness of the speech, directly in the car. He attentively studied this 50 - the page report on a situation in the world, and called the speech excellent though not absolutely unambiguous.

The speech was met with a bang, which is not surprising, because neither Americans, nor British, nor other residents of the capitalist countries wanted that communist regime in the USSR, gained the power, grew the new countries. Churchill directly urged not to repeat mistakes of Hitler who in 30 - e treated years the Soviet Union very complacently! And though at the very beginning of the speech an old fox Churchill gave several compliments to the father of all people but this flattery could deceive nobody - the most real war is declared.

Reaction of the Soviet Union followed far not at once. Only in a week Stalin gave interview to the " newspaper; Truth from which the whole world learned that Churchill differs in nothing from Hitler and that the Soviet Union will always have a worthy answer to the gone too far politicians.

Anyway, but Churchill achieved the main goal. Five years later it returned to a chair the prime minister - the minister on Downing Street, 10. Where protsarstvovat till 1955.

And after a while organizing committee for award of the Nobel Prize, wishing to coax this experienced politician, in a year of death of Stalin, in 1953 awarded to him the Nobel Prize. How you think in the field of what? In the field of literature! And, the formulation of the basis for award of so honorary reward sounded so: For great skills of works of historical and biographic character, and also for brilliant oratory by means of which the supreme human values " were defended;.

The supreme human values and actually an appeal to war. More incompatible concepts it is difficult to think up! Probably, members of organizing committee just did not know that Winston Churchill for many years is engaged in a collecting of firm tin tell-tales. Agree that the formulation of the Nobel committee For creation of many thousands army which did not make any shot would sound far more pertinently!

And official termination cold war came on November 9, 1989 when in the Berlin wall for an easy access opened control - check points. In it it is a high time for the Soviet Union it was necessary to exist slightly more, than two years