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How to keep love if you married? Who knows

: how there are bitches

pretty brides?

(Yu. Loza.)

Let lovely women will forgive me, but this article is addressed to men. Though

to Fall in love, speak, business simple. To marry too. And here is how after a wedding to keep love This business both cunning, and difficult. And good business in general marriage will not be called. But grateful put this if you found approach to the wife, your life will be not only happy, but also long. On average, for 12% in comparison with unmarried! 8 years of life just like that! Or not simply?

In 13 years of life with my wife I never regretted that I married! Never! Though nobody trusts me. Does not happen so - say.


And here try. Here collection of the simple rules the treatment of the wife for achievement of result . It which is necessary to you.


1. Always listen to the wife. Do not interrupt! Do not try to advise. It needs not council, but an opportunity to be uttered! Begin to speak only when she becomes silent.

2. Be especially sensitive at least one year after a wedding. Try to behave as if a wedding still ahead. After a year such life will proceed just on a habit!

3. Give flowers! At the slightest pretext and without cause, just like that!

4. Kiss the wife, leaving for work. It does not demand any material inputs, and will bring huge dividends. If the wife is a clear head, kiss her once again after work.

5. You praise it. Pay compliments! Character of the woman is similar to plasticine. The words are warmer - the quicker it thaws! If, in your opinion, to praise there is nothing, praise just like that, on the future.

6. If your wife not an ideal - remember that there are no Ideal Wives! At everyone - the set of strangenesses and whims. And at everyone - the set of a charm and charms! It is much more favorable to study them, than to get divorced! Another can be much worse, stervozny and kaprizny! Even, if first she behaved as an angel.

7. Be not a bore. The majority of your councils and criticism only go to harm! The good wife herself knows what to do and as.

8. Always apologize if the wife for something took offense at you. Even, if you consider that you are right for 100%.

9. Undertake at least part of homework. If you do not want, at least earn money for good household appliances. Turning the wife into the housemaid, you play a dirty trick on yourself!

10. Be inventive. The compliments and gifts are more various, the family bonds are stronger. The good wife will answer you with the same!

11. Allow it to carry everything that she wants, for the woman clothes - a possibility of self-expression, as for the man - the car. It belongs also to cosmetics, a hairdress and another female to features .

12. Never release jokes concerning its figure, a hairdress, appearance etc. - then you will regret! Well, do not understand the woman of humour!

13. There is no female logic! Or in a different way. Women have no logic. The woman lives not reason, but feelings! It needs participation, compassion, a poddakivaniye etc. of

I - the most important! Nobody dares to establish by

to you rules by which it is necessary to live! Neither parents, nor relatives

Anybody!!! there is no

Any rules!

Krom of upon what you agreed to live.