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What history of alcohol in Sweden?

the Scandinavian countries, perhaps, are the countries where alcohol - the most expensive product in Europe. It is quite often possible to see the Swedes buying tickets for the steamship to Germany and back with only one purpose - to buy alcohol. Germany is known to all Europe for the cheapest prices of alcohol. Tourists and visitors buy alcohol in tons. Hammer with the boxes up to the top filled by alcohol cars to the full, and, sometimes to passengers, often, there is no place left in them. But especially truck drivers triumph. The more transport, the more it is possible to contain in it.

Alcohol history in Sweden

B 1467, the producer of gunpowder Berents brought to Stockholm from Lubeck (Germany) cognac which intended for gunpowder production. However soon it was found out that it still can and be drunk. Here so in Sweden alcohol appeared.

In 1590 when the king Johan III who was at war with Russia was in power, the Swedish soldiers learned to make from Russians alcohol of grains. Swedes strongly were fond of production of alcohol at home and its excessive use therefore in 1698 there was a decree on a ban of house activity.

In 1709, after the lost fight near Poltava, Karl XII imposed a ban on production of alcohol from grains. In the country hunger raged, and, first of all, it was more important to make bread, than alcohol of grains. But without alcohol Swedes long did not intend to sit and in 1746 they for the first time learned to make alcohol of potatoes. And since 1787 when the country did not starve any more, it became authorized to make alcohol in house conditions again.

In 1850 the first special shop selling alcohol - Systembolaget was founded, this name remained at the shops trading in alcoholic drinks to this day.

In 1919 enter special books - Motbok which are received only by the inhabitants who reached majority. In these books all information on amount of the acquired alcohol this person and as on each full age inhabitant acquisition of concrete amount of alcohol in a month was authorized strictly is registered, on such book the seller saw whether the specific person has the right to buy alcohol, or it already bought up all norm, admissible in a month.

In 1922 national vote about a total ban for alcohol sale was taken. 889 000 people, and against - 925 000 voted for a ban. Apparently from this vote, nearly a half of inhabitants was for a ban.

In 1982 impose a ban on sale of alcohol on Saturdays, but from it the illegal immigrants making alcohol in house conditions only begin to prosper and in 2001 withdraw this ban.

Today can be met by

In usual supermarkets from alcohol only beer or cider which happens strawberry, pear, or apple. These drinks have strength only 2 - 3 degrees.

Behind stronger alcoholic products it is necessary to go all to the same Systembolaget. Not very long ago in these shops there were very strict rules, but today system same there, as well as in usual supermarkets. The buyer goes along counters and chooses alcohol on the taste and in any quantity. However if the buyer looks young, then in cash desk at payment to mogutpoprosit him to show the identity card.