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What price of loyalty?

Case Loyalty Price

(Any coincidence of dates, names, names, situations - are casual).


Large investment company.


Main characters:

Ilya Sergeyevich is the chief boss of the company. Not the owner, but one of the few who know the owner personally and are with it is on a good footing . Possesses all completeness of the power. Its main motivator in work is capitalization of the company - does everything that business increased in the price. People are not of special value for it and are considered as one of types of a resource.

Gennady Alekseevich is the head of the working group (head of department). The charismatic leader, is purposeful, however with anybody does not discuss the purposes. Directs all the resources to professional growth. Achieves outstanding results in work. Directs the innovative direction, important for the company. Operates subordinates, so, that in the way, unclear for anybody, summons devout devotion personally. It causes the mixed feelings in other employees and heads: with envy to mistrust and misunderstanding.


In an office phone call was distributed. The secretary reported that the first deputy, Boris Iosifovich, asks about a meeting, speaks supposedly the question does not suffer delays.

- Let will come, - the boss also answered thought that else he happened? Good news can wait. Iosifovich is the famous alarmist, will find signs of the approaching accident in any program of news.

- Ilya Sergeyevich, resolve? - Give

to business, - the boss was not ready for idle talk.

- I was told that Investkk Baltika starts the " project; Dam .

is that news which I had to learn to morning papers? - not without sarcasm the boss asked.

- You did not understand, they break on our market! We found a subject, and they decided to warm hands. Cheapskates!

- Relax. The market is attractive, but the entrance on it costs much.

- Yes at them money! They to us can borrow without percent.

- Here money will not help, the entrance is paid with time. It will be required to them two - three years. It if carries with performers. Lines!. - this thought for some reason did not come to the head`s mind, and having come now, strongly disturbed.

- Here and I thought. It is enough to them to entice it to a temnil and all - it`s done, - temnily Boris Iosifovich was accustomed to call Gennady Alekseevich who was engaged in the " project; Dam in their company. Was engaged from scratch about problem definitions and now the project was on a home straight. The first, very encouraging results are already received, and before full start there were no more than two months.

- Yes, this thought came to their mind too, - the Boss reflected, the problem suddenly became serious. Very serious. At the cost of ten millions.

- Eh, was such day good. Go, I will think.


To think was about what. He in Gennady did not see special devotion. Keeps independently. Is canny. Any attempt to paste to the company was not successful. Appreciates money, but it is not conducted on talk on payment increase. Truly estimates himself as expert. Does not show weaknesses. It is always vigorous and happy, never mentioned about problems. Directly safe, not the person! It is necessary to collect information. Who here at us knows everything?

- Olga Vasilyevna, glance.

the Secretary entered with a notebook and a pencil on call.

- What you know about Gennady Alekseevich?

- Is married, there is a child. Recently replaced the car, at it " now; Outnut . New. What else to tell... All his employees on it as look at an icon. Never, to anybody rowed. Goes to corporate actions regularly... Well, here it is so concise... Generally - character Nordic, in the communications discrediting it was not noticed. Yes, nobody managed to attach the person in his department. Some strange personnel policy at it.

- It is free, - without ceremonies Ilya Sergeyevich finished conversation.

- Than me to hook on Gennady? Money? No, if money is important, he would show it. He well, at the level receives a top - the manager, being on a step below. Flattery? No, it is possible to offend. Especially, it is necessary to recognize from the fact that he is already enlisted or is in process of decision-making. Perhaps, it will be careful and suspicious to any my words and acts. What concerns him? Family? Uniform sign. Though would hold a family photo on a table though time would tell that it has to leave because today with the wife go to theater. Glory? Recognition? Billeting, billeting From different places say that his subordinates adore it, are about to pray. Why to it it? There is no theatricality, there is no megalomania? What then?


Gennady`s office was separated by a glass partition from other department. The boss sat down so that to see department. Its visit excited employees. Gennady sat down opposite to the boss, a back to a glass wall. The chair of the head of department which is in the head of a table remained unoccupied.

- Tell about progress, - there began the boss.

- I can ask to bring the report.

- is not necessary, tell on simple.

- If to tell simply, then is Klondike. A response such is that can be closed oil industry . I joke, of course, but you resolved on - simple, - Gennady, not changed, quiet tone told.

- What you think about grades, personnel officers speak, a useful thing who works, that receives more?

- is honest? - with a smile Gennady

asked - Honestly, - the boss as the conspirator, it was inclined to the interlocutor.

- Empty bother. To me to liking design payment. Always considered it optimum.

- When you learned its pluses? - whether there are keys from this safe?

- Moreover the student. Built to collective farmers pigsties and warehouses. Work volume - is clear. Criteria of result - are clear, the sum - is clear. Everything is transparent. Here in those days someone about grades would tell shabashnik, - In Gennady`s voice the sneer almost indistinctly flew.

- is clear, - you appreciate clarity and transparency? - the boss thought: give - we will check .

- You know what subject wanted to discuss with you? - the boss advanced to a frontal attack

- I Know.

- already contacted you?

- Yes

- the Offer did?

- Did

- Attractive?

- Yes

- What solved?

- I Think.

Case questions:

- As you will describe a situation in which there is a boss and the reasons which promoted its emergence?

- What continuation you will advise the boss in a situation in which the narration ended?