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What invigorates better than coffee, or For certain you already heard the Magic bush of

about the fine substitute of coffee which came to us from South America. I speak about modern hobby - about mate. It is the hot drink made from the dried-up leaves of a bush of Ilex Paraguariense growing in the jungle on border of Argentina with Paraguay and Brazil. Initially the Indians of guarani and Quechua from time immemorial living in these parts estimated taste and magic properties of this plant.

Indians of guarani and Quechua traditionally use mate for removal of fatigue, for treatment of fevers and colds, in lean years as the main food product guaranteeing a survival. And still - as means for longevity, in the tribes which are actively using mate many long-livers are recorded.

It is precisely studied that mate increases immunity, normalizes pressure, improves memory, concentrates attention, reduces feeling of hunger, promotes splitting of food, washes away lactic acid after physical activities, takes off fatigue and a depression. Both adults and children can drink it.

At mate there are vitamins A, In (practically all vitamins of group), C, E, P. And minerals: sulfur, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, sodium, iron, copper, chlorine. And alkaloids: xanthene (matein), teofillin and theobromine - two last are present also at tea. In mate there is no caffeine - that now is very fashionable - but matein is close to it on action, only without collateral caffeine effects.

It is no wonder that the mate, best in the world, can be tried only in the homeland of drink, the technology of its preparation was perfected for centuries. Process of a zavarivaniye and the use of drink is absolutely unique, it is even called the special word - sevar and the person making mate - sevador . Drink a mat from special ware: drink is made in the kalabasa made from tykvochek - fruits of a local plant of a lagenariya, and drunk by means of a special metal or silver tubule which is called a bombilla (bombizhya). Is, of course, and clay kalabasa, but Argentineans consider that true taste of mate reveals only in pumpkin kalabasa. Temperature of drink which was served you by Argentineans, testifies to degree of respect for you - it is necessary to dear visitor burning, unwanted - cooled down.

If you were intrigued by history of this South American oak, and you already decided to try it, then it would be desirable to give three more advice.

1. Buy better pumpkin kalabas. He demands more expenses of time on leaving, but gives you unique aroma and taste. At the first use it needs to be prepared as follows:

To fill mate on 2 / 3 volumes of a vessel

To Fill in with hot water (about 80 c)

To Leave on 1 - 2 day. Infusion to pour out and clear kalabas.

That its internal walls did not become covered by a mold, kalabas follows sometimes to burn i.e. to clean. For this purpose it is necessary to heat a teaspoon on naked flame and to scratch out it a blanket of internal walls. Every day after the use of mate kalabas it is necessary to clean and put to dry on air. At the due address with kalabasy it will serve to you very long.

2. Material of a bombilla does not play an essential role, but traditionally prefer made of silver. But bamboo bombillas do not burn lips.

3. That about the mate because the greatest concentration of nutrients contains in small stalks, tastes - in leaves, at good mate there is both that, and another, and also dust which demonstrates the correct drying.

About taste of mate it is possible to argue, appreciate, love or not to love. But all will agree on opinion that it needs to be tried. And having tried time, you are forever loaded with healthy vivifying energy of mate!