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What is necessary for fulfillment of desires? I Will tell

about intention.

As it is convenient to speak trivialities, but for many it is unclear, I will be specific, more than ever. Not to confuse foreign vanity, I will explain on examples from the life.

Performed on my mother in 75 years operation on removal of a meningioma.

In the first day after operation I went to the intensive care unit. On doors as then it appeared, many terrible announcements of a ban of an entrance to office the stranger hung. I was foreign. It was not known only by me.

Quietly knocked at a door (lunch time, and I did not begin to call) when opened for me, I asked to see off to a mother`s bed. The only thing what I was warned about that it is necessary to change the shoes, that is, to put on their slippers.

Ya managed to talk to mother, to transfer everything that brought, and left. Next day everything repeated. Mother was restored quickly. Here I also paid attention to terrible preventions. Began to doubt - whether will let?

Well, also did not let. Only transfer was accepted. But it not really concerned me - mother was transferred to chamber. For what I everything tell it?

If you do not doubt for 101% and it is sure, then your intention is carried out,

you receive what you NEED. And it is not important what is your intention: one million euros or passing an examination, or fluffy puppy.

They already are, and will appear in your life naturally. No matter, as well as through whom. It is important that to general satisfaction. Nobody will suffer.

By the way, concerning examination. Too from my life. During a training time in musical school of Gnesiny it was necessary to pass examination. We with the girlfriend did not attend any lecture. What to hand over - we do not know. We sit, by the way, in TsDL, we drink coffee. The girlfriend - not the Muscovite, also earned additionally there, in the Central house of writers, the cleaner. And I at it - hunting to have a look on celebrities! And money at me was found.

And so we sit, we brood. Behind the next little table the elderly writer alone drank wine. What did you think, modern you my and spoiled? Another it appeared

our teacher. You represent? And it, by kindness sincere, helped. We received the estimates just like that!

Still I remember its surname and I remember with gratitude: Leontyev. Wrote about war. Even it then found for books and read. Sincerely wrote.

As soon as there is volition, there is also a fear of its realization: and suddenly it will not turn out? There are doubts, that is, you cease to need really. And just you WANT.

And DESIRES AT us are NEVER GRANTED. Here as will carry, and in this case it is necessary to make considerable efforts, and not only the. Or to convince itself that it and was not necessary for me. That, in general, truth.

There is still the third option.

To take that you want at any cost. To fight, show will power, to give life on it. Continue the list. The result will be. Here only the pleasure will be short, and consequences unpredictable. And here all will be victims. What you so fought for, will not bring you the real satisfaction. Those with whom you struggled will become your enemies. Pyrrhic victory.

And those who achieved big work of some benefits will try about them, these benefits to tell all, to show achievements of vital economy. It is necessary though some compensation for forces spent for fight and health.

Those who receive necessary without fight as self-evident, do not shout. They are quiet and balanced. And it is surprising feelings. It is difficult to confuse them with feelings of fighters or given on favor of destiny.

Each person had all these states: quiet confidence, disbelief and desire to achieve the objectives at any cost. Everything depends on our choice. What you will prefer, will be.

You will live on requirements, knowing that they are always realized, you will be a lucky and the long-liver.

You will live in searches guilty and to explain failures or progress with blind luck, you will be a neurotic and to chronicles.

You will live in fight and a redoing of all and all under yourself, you will be a malignant korotkozhitel.

The choice always for you.