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What does the valerian smell of?

Name valerian most likely, came from the Latin verb value that means to be healthy. According to other versions the plant is called in honor of the Roman emperor Valerian or the Roman doctor Pliniya Valerian.

But anyway, a valerian - an ancient herb.

Its distinctive feature - a characteristic smell. In the ancient world it was called nardos sledge or nerd what means fragrant . Under such names it mentioned in the Egyptian papyruses, the Bible, treatises of ancient Greek, Roman and Indian healers.

For thousands of years the valerian changed many nicknames. The people and now differently call it: maun, myaun, a cat`s root (it so attracts cats!) tryasovichny grass, forest incense, aromatnik, bolyachnik and tens of other names. And Karl Linney gave it a modern name.

The wild-growing valerian is found throughout the world. Distinguish more than two hundred of its types. But, as we know, the person does not wait for favor by nature. To Valerian cultivate long ago and grow up. Sometimes it decorates gardens, it is parted as an ornamental plant. But is it and other application - leaves of some species of a valerian apply as salad. In America it is added to liqueurs, in Cuba used for a fragrance of the Havana cigars.

Which - who was accustomed not to drink a valerian, and to smell, inhaling three - four times serially one, other nostril. Such aromatherapy before going to bed. They say that after the first month of such action the nervous system becomes stronger, the person as if is born anew, his health so improves. So frustration of nervous system, atherosclerosis, violation of brain blood circulation, heart and other diseases treat.

The small linen or gauze sack with a valerian near your pillow will relieve you of sleeplessness. Put this sack near a pillow, and the light smell of salutary herbs will make to you sleepy every night.

of the Bathtub with addition of broth of a valerian are useful to those who want to calm nerves, to get rid of excessive excitement, to adjust work of heart after a nervous stress, to reduce blood pressure. The similar effect is rendered by the bath saturated with valerian infusion vapors.

Whether action of only one smell of a valerian is valid so well, or it is simple - naprosto auto-suggestion, will show the future, the science is not aware of business " yet;. Only the fact that any of the numerous substances which are a part of a valerian cannot attribute a crucial medical role is authentically known. And only in a complex, and only at rather high concentration they have curative effect.

The smell of a valerian is pleasant for many living beings. As causes its unexpected application. For example, if you want that in compost on your fazenda earthworms with all the district ran together, add to a heap of a valerian. Compost will turn into a wonderful fertile humus soon.

With the word valerian always drops, heart, nerves are associated and... cats. All know, these animals how are greedy for a valerian. And so, if under doors of your apartment vagrant cats were moved to be marked out, do not grab heart, do not spend nerves, and you sprysnit a threshold a valerian - any cat will not begin to spoil where so pleasantly smells.

And not only cats go bananas from a valerian. Here in Wales consider that the girl who carries a valerian root piece in a belt or in a corset is always attractive not only to cats, but also to men.