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How to salt caviar?

When the speech come about caviar, salty caviar because fried, boiled and other are practically not in demand, taste not that silently is meant. Salt it at once after catch of fish, not later, than through three - four hours. Depending on a way of salting (repartition) caviar receives the name granular, payusny or yastychny.

The most valuable granular caviar is received a dry salting. Caviar is taken from fish, washed out, separated on a sieve from water and films (yastyk) and poured necessary amount of small dry salt. Several minutes - and all. The tasty, fresh-salted, friable product turns out.

The best black granular caviar is packaged in banks. Tinned caviar least Solon as at its salting use no more than 5% of salt of caviar weight.

Other way of a salting: caviar is filled in with the cooled prokipyachenny salty solution - brine.

Red and pink caviar is prepared only for granular, maintaining in brine from 8 to 15 minutes.

Fresh caviar of chastikovy fish is wiped on a sieve and salted, adding to it 2-Z % of salt of caviar weight. Caviar chastikovy, prepared this way, call proboyny.

From the fresh caviar unsuitable for granular repartition prepare pressed caviar. Do not think that it is worse granular, just the opposite, black pressed caviar more tasty.

For receiving pressed caviar use the brine which is warmed up to 40 degrees. Then brine is merged, and caviar is slightly podpressovyvat therefore caviar turns into homogeneous mass. Period of storage of such caviar - 8 months.

The best pressed caviar - sevryuzhya. It has a gentle oily taste and very delicate aroma.

Seldom, but the third type of calves - calves yastychny meets. It is so rare that many do not even know such name. It is received in case caviar did not ripen, or, on the contrary, became overripe, and therefore badly separates from a yastyk - the film surrounding it in a belly of fish. Such caviar, without taking from a film, cut on pieces and salt. It is unattractive, but is quite tasty. Store it no more than a month.

Yastyki chastikovy fishes is filled up with dry salt (12% of the weight of fish), or salted in strong brines. Yastychny caviar of a pike perch is called galagan, the bream and a vobla - a taram.

Caviar of a large mullet - a mullet after a salting in yastyka is dried by 2 weeks. Such caviar possesses special sharp taste.

After a salting it is possible to store caviar 2 - 2,5 months. For increase in period of storage caviar will be pasteurized at 60 degrees. Then the term of its storage increases to 8 (in glass jars), and even till 10 months (in cans).

It is possible to store the opened jar with caviar no more than a week. The best storage conditions of caviar, both opened, and closed - from minus of two to minus four degrees. You watch that water did not get into calves.

The main preservative of caviar - table salt. But as the product fresh-salted, is added by other antiseptics - sorbic and boric acids and their salts, urotropin. For protection of berries from adhesion use vegetable oil and glycerin. In handicraft caviar of all this with a stock, just in case. It is uncomfortable to eat such caviar with spoons somehow.

And what to do if caviar is impaired only slightly a little or put too much salt, and it is a pity to throw out? Try to wash out its warm (20 - 25 C) boiled water, milk or tea tea leaves. Fill in it with the double volume of liquid, and in five minutes merge on a sieve or a gauze. Caviar all the same will be not that, but it is slightly better.