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The increased nails: beautifully or inconveniently?

What girl do not dream to look fantastically from the top to fingers of legs? Personal care demands a lot of time, takes away many forces and, of course, means. It is possible to have magnificent hair, to regularly visit the stomatologist and a sunbed. But all efforts can be reduced on is not present if the type of nails leaves much to be desired. When it is tried many means which are theoretically improving a condition of nails, and there is no effect - as was not, many decide to resort to such procedure as building.

There is several technician of building, but we are interested in the end result. Whether the newly made happy owner of long nails what difficulties she should face in life knows? Let`s begin with the fact that after building it is recommended not to wet hands from 4 to 24 hours. Present that you got to the master who, wishing to be reinsured, advises you within a day not to wash a hand. To take a shower in gloves? Of course, why is also not present. This moment would not be surprising to you still yesterday while you did not sport with the long pointed claws. And now such simple thing as putting on of gloves can turn into an unsoluble problem: gloves will not approach by the size now and 100% them will tear nails.

But what beauty at you on hands! Nails draw attention at once, hands look very well-groomed and tidy. The usual manicure if gave feeling of a holiday, then only until, the varnish did not obluplivatsya yet. On the increased nails it is possible to represent any it is necessary drawing, to develop individual design. Now, at communication with girlfriends, it is not necessary to hide hands, collecting fingers in a cam. Now it is possible it is proud to show the fingers, poigryvy ringlets and brasletiky on a wrist.

But now, every morning, gathering for work, you with a sigh will remember those times when on putting on of tights at you did not leave for 20 minutes on each leg. When on a blouse it was possible to button, without standing in front of the mirror and without asking the husband for the help. Be also careful at a campaign in a toilet: toilet paper, appears, a thing very much and very artful! You will not get used to long nails yet, buy copies more densely, to the Pharynx send on leave.

At whom work is connected with the computer - be ready that some time after building you will have difficulties with typing.

If someone thinks that, having increased nails, he will save on visits of salon, on manicure - he is deeply mistaken. On expenses it turns out approximately equally: to make correction of times a month or to go every week to usual manicure. But if you break a nail, to the sum for correction a cost more of repair of a nail, drawing drawing on it will increase.

Still it is possible to carry such factor as cooking to inconveniences. It is very good if you stand behind a plate not really often. But sometimes nevertheless it is necessary. Know that the preparation time of dishes will increase approximately by 30%. If earlier you cut onions and carrot as the real cook, then now it is necessary to be much more circumspectly, it is possible not only to cut with a knife a finger, but also to injure a nail. Especially as if nails you have more average length, then it becomes slightly more difficult to hold a knife and to hold the product processed by it.

Also be careful, kindling a plate matches or getting a light a cigarette. As nails from plastic or acryle, them it is very easy to melt off.

Undoubted plus of the increased nails - an opportunity round the clock to wash the dishes, the floors, i.e. to come into long contact with water. Usual nails would break, became thinner and exfoliated for a long time, but artificial waters are not afraid (we will not remember about the first day after building).

Be attentive if you had a desire to be scratched. The increased nails are much more dense family it is possible to be scratched by them very strongly. And if it was combed in an ear, in order to avoid injuries use Q-tips. And, paradox, when washing the head there are such problems as impossibility to carefully wash out hair, nails do not allow small pillows of fingers to process the head properly.

I think that any girl, having increased nails, can add several hang-ups to this list, having opened more widely those problems which it is necessary to face after building. But I am also sure that all these difficulties will recede into the background after you feel the queen with magnificent manicure.