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How clever can be the house?

Long centuries of the woman stored home fire. Literally. Because matches were not invented yet, fire was very difficult to be extracted. For modern gas stoves of a match are not necessary. They are lit by pressing of the button.

But now it is not considered such big improvement. More important another. If the flame incidentally goes out, access of gas will be interrupted automatically. Here for this purpose even the buttons should not be pressed. Plate thinks what to do to it.

The household appliances become cleverer and cleverer. Thanks to the built-in automatic equipment the stove can be programmed on performance of various operations, on automatic inclusion and switching off.

If for preparation or a warming up of food you use the microwave oven, not to do without preliminary programming at all. And it ceased to surprise.

Modern washing machines are supplied with program control too. Threw dirty, typed the program, discovered water, pressed the button. Farther the car will make everything. Receive pure, and almost dry.

Practically all household appliances are programmed: food processors, TVs, conditioners, audio systems.

Can be clever not only separate things, the whole house can be clever. And, not small, on 28 floors. Speak, such house is built in Moscow. In it the special energy saving equipment is installed, information and telecommunication networks and systems are built in.

The house is literally larded by the microprocessors and fiber-optical communication lines providing the high speed of transfer of the digitized information. Security systems, fire-prevention protection and management of the building are interactive, they notify on failures and malfunctions.

Moreover, in case of damage of communication lines and management, the operating network automatically is reconstructed for ensuring effective management in new conditions.

Where house, there and city. Well, not the city, but town. On 13 thousand houses. And all houses - clever. That is, are united by fiber-optical highways in a uniform network with computers, forming the uniform monitoring system of activity of the city.

Such town grows on the suburb Los - Anzheles. Its inhabitants can, without getting up from a chair, to check who costs at an entrance door, and to open it, without coming into the nursery, to look how children behave, to establish the appropriate temperature and lighting in rooms.

Important as well the fact that the house can be operated remotely, being though for thousands of kilometers from it. Let`s tell, you came to work and remembered that, leaving, you forgot to turn off the light or the TV. You go online from the working computer, you find a page of your house, and you switch off or you include that you want.

With such house and for work it is not obligatory to go. The house allows to get a job remotely, to meet colleagues on a videoconference, to check the bank account and to dispose about payments.

Not necessarily and to be wound on shops, especially, to stand in a queue. The house itself will trace what food at you ended, will make the order on the Internet, and even itself will make you coffee.

And opportunities for rest in such house are unlimited at all. You do not want to watch one of five hundred TV programs or to listen to favourite music - you can book theater tickets or a trip. The house for the real idlers.

And still you remember. Your house is your fortress. He will light a porch at appearance of the night guest and will inform you on his arrival in advance and if in the house there is nobody, will declare in police in case of unauthorized invasion. The video cameras located in the house and around it plus the Internet, will allow to watch the house where you were.