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How to program your Subconscious computer on success?

Submit the Lord your cases,

and your affairs will come true.

(The book Solomonov` parable, 16:3)

Submit the Lord your cases,

and your enterprises will come true.

(The book Solomonov` parable, 16:3)

the Translation of the same phrase can sound so differently

Different and the ways conducting you to your Purposes to your Success! whether

A can accelerate a way to Success still? To realization of the purposes, to finding of traits of character which are for this purpose necessary, to the better life?

Fortunately, devil take it?!

Is possible!

is Even necessary!

I offer one more method.

On any effective (so, very expensive and very closed business - training) to you will suggest to use this technology.

Restrictions here three.

1. Not all have money. This main thing that interferes with distribution of this very simple and effective technology.

2. The technology is very individual, it works with the most deep layers of subconsciousness, at the level of extramental instincts.

3. This technology does not work when the purpose - material object. Money, the apartment, the car, a lodge by the sea, the long-legged beauty Though, at individual control, there are exceptions If you it does not stop

, then even at inept and clumsy use of this technology it allows to gather maximum (for you) speed in acquisition of necessary traits of character which you consider vital.

So. you are ready

? Let`s carry out small preparation.

1. Choose one, only one trait of character which is not enough for you. It can be confidence, ability to instantly make decisions, concentration or other trait of character, the most important for you. What most of all is not enough for you in life!

2. To do this " procedure; it is possible only once in day. Only once! Time - not less than half an hour. It is better to do in one and too time (and in the same place), effect of it will amplify repeatedly.

3. Technique superinfluences works with keywords. Determine a trait of character which you want to develop, by several words which will describe completely it (this trait of character). Write down them. Repeat so many time that they strongly sat down at memory.

Process can be described so: full consciousness - a raskontsentration, easy relaxation of muscles, removal of psychological tension, a light light slumber. In this state you only somewhat understand what is created around

At first to you needs to learn to enter gradually this state, and also gradually to leave it. On it week usually leaves.

you have to enter this state without any efforts and concentration.

Well, I hope, at you everything turns out.

is better to be engaged in superinfluence in the morning, waking up for about forty minutes before the usual time. Also nobody will disturb because all sleep, and the success charge for the whole day is provided!

Attention. It is possible to do this procedure only once in day!

So, I open a secret!

1. You prepare one desirable trait of character which most of all is required at the moment.

2. You choose and learn keywords which most fully describe this trait of character.

3. You are closed in the quiet, darkened room, you accept a convenient pose. It is possible to sit or lie as it is convenient to you!

4. You plunge into a condition of the reduced consciousness.

5. You repeat keywords, programming the subconsciousness.

6. You come back to a condition of full consciousness.

There now, now you more (substitute here that trait of character which you programmed). it will be enough

So far. In process of mastering a technique at you everything will turn out quicker and better!

If seems to you that the technique does not work, do not give up occupation! She all the same acts, just so far you do not notice it.

Attention. Several words about danger!

1. It is impossible to accelerate process. I understand that there is a wish for everything both at once and many. But the massive oak grows from an acorn not at once, and it is simple to kill a small sprout with the disbelief very much even!

2. It is impossible to concentrate! The technique is based on relaxation, but not on concentration.

generally, we have all not as at people. Ordinary people!

3. The technique belongs only to the purposes non-material, actually only to lines of your Personality.

4. It is impossible to be engaged in superinfluence before going to bed and strongly tired. And after even a small libation - God forbid! Can demolish a roof, and back you will not put any more!

This technique changes life so quickly that you just do not manage to notice small, imperceptible, but continuous improvements.