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How to make meat in three minutes?

Tired and hungry, you come crawling home after the hardest working day. To prepare or not to prepare a question, disappears by itself. A maximum of efforts - to warm up food in a microwave. But, STOP! If there is a microwave, then to make fine meat in three minutes - a trifle.

This terrible weapon invented in America serves in the peace purposes in kitchens of the whole world now. We defreeze, we warm, we do popcorn, and hot sandwiches in only a few minutes. But possibilities of a microwave - are boundless. In it it is possible to bake bread and cakes, to fry meat and chicken, to cook squids. To do lollipops and to bake fruit. And, even, to cook jam.

The unique technology allows to make everything quickly and without efforts to wash the dishes after preparation. In a microwave burns nothing. The beautiful, esthetic glasswares is easily washed in the dishwasher. On personal experience I can tell that having tried to prepare once in a microwave, you will forget about a plate at all, and about its everyday washing.

Three pressing of the button and in twenty minutes chicken soup, three more is ready - and meat, without the harmful fried crust is roasted. Though if there is a special ware, then and with a crust.

Came friends? Twenty minutes, and the sharp snack is ready to beer. You forgot about the preparing dish - it does not matter, the microwave itself to be switched off and will give a signal.

About pluses of it, I will not be afraid to tell, an equipment miracle, it is possible to talk endlessly. But it is better to give several examples.

" meat; Fast Take

two pieces of meat the size approximately about a palm, beat off properly, salt, pepper and add spices. In a plate warm two tablespoons of sunflower oil. (1 min., the MOVE power) Then, put meat in a plate, and prepare one party - 2 min. on the MOVE, turn meat and 1 more min. on a power MOVE. Everything, meat is ready, serve vegetables, salad and to a table! Also one chicken quarter prepares.

But, undoubtedly, during a time of preparations and conservation recipes of jam and jam will be useful.

Strawberry jam

About a half a kilo of strawberry, 300 g of sugar, tablespoon of lemon juice. Strawberry we wash out

, we place strawberry In ware, we pour in lemon juice. We heat 5 minutes the MOVE the power that berries became soft. We add sugar to strawberry, we mix. We prepare 12 minutes, the MOVE power. Ready jam is cooled a little and we stack in pure warm banks, they can be sterilized also in a microwave.

berries jam
General preparation time: 10 - 12 minutes on a power MOVE.

needs to take 500 g of berry mix (for example, raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, bilberry) frozen or I skin, 500 g of gelatin with sugar, juice of a half of a lemon.

Way of preparation: fresh berries to wash and peel them of scapes. To put the frozen berries in a flat form, to cover, defreeze and heat them within 4 - 5 minutes at a power MOVE.

to Pound berries before receiving berry mashed potatoes and to put it in a form.

to Mix mashed potatoes with sugar and gelatin and lemon juice. to Boil

, without covering for 6 - 7 min. on the MOVE. To pour hot jam on banks and to close banks, so far jam is even hotter.

Simply? Of course! All ingenious is simple, especially, if there is an opportunity to save time and to stay several excess minutes with relatives.