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What do we know about Borges? If you ask

surrounding people: What do you know about Borges? - I do not think that you will hear the intelligible answer. Perhaps, somebody will also remember this name, and somebody and its works, but hardly anyone will tell you about life of this person. And it is a pity, Borges`s destiny is interesting and unusual.

So, I will begin the story. Jorge Luis Borges was born in Argentina in Buenos - to Ayresa, on the eve of the XX century, in 1899 - m to year. His father, being a lawyer, was fond of literature. He composed verses, transferred from the English Omar Khayyam and even wrote the novel. The paternal grandmother was Englishwoman and considered that her grandson has to receive the English education. For this purpose it personally found to the child the nurse - the Englishwoman. Mother came from a family of hereditary Spanish military. It imparted to Borges love to Spanish which became his family. But in a family spoke also English, and Borges, according to him, in the childhood did not understand that English and Spanish - two different languages. Younger sister Nora was fond of painting, later she will become an artist. Borges was interested in literature, he began to write in six years. In eight it translated into Spanish Oscar Wilde`s fairy tale Happy prince and so that the translation issued one of the leading literary magazines at once.

In 1914 - m to year a family Borkhesov goes to Europe and settles in Switzerland where Jorge Luiz gets an education and begins literary activity as the poet. In 1921 - m to year the family comes back to Buenos - Ayres, and Borges begins to be published in various magazines, publishes two books of verses and two books of the essay. Already in early works he shines with erudition, knowledge of philosophy and languages (except Spanish and English, Borges perfectly knew Latin, French, Italian, Portuguese, German), skillfully owns the word. From time to time Borges departs from poetry and writes fantasy prose.

In 1937 - m to year Borges gets a job in library in the suburb of Buenos - Ayresa to have though some continuous earnings. The twist of fate consisted that during that time he was quite widely known as the writer - but not in library. Once one of employees noticed a name of a certain Jorge Luis Borges in the encyclopedia - he was very much surprised by the fact of coincidence of names and dates of birth, but it also remained for all only coincidence.

In this library Borges served 9 years (and in general, the librarian he worked 27 years). He performed all the work in the first hour, and then quietly went to a basement book-depository and read the remained five hours or wrote... Here what he will tell later: I was never afraid of failures, did not think of success. As Kipling, I consider that the Victory and Defeat are two deceivers. Nobody loses everything as it, sometimes, apparently, and does not win very much as it is represented. In fact all this does not matter. More important other - easily achievable happiness of reading. And happiness of the writing. These are two fine occupations . And he writes, writes

B 1955 - m (till 1973 - go) - Borges - the director of National library of Argentina, and same year he heads at first department German, and then - the English literature at university of Buenos - Ayresa. Besides, he annually makes trips around the different countries of Europe and America where he gives lectures about the Argentina literature. Constantly is engaged in the translations and writes, writes.

The international recognition comes to it when works begin to be transferred to foreign languages. Since 1960 - x. To Borges a number of national and international awards is awarded. It receives the highest awards of Italy, France, Peru, Chile, Germany, Iceland, including the Award of the British Empire and award of the Honourable legion. Besides, Borges is elected the member of academy in the USA, the honourable doctor of leading universities of the world.

It seems: here it is happiness! But if so was

at the end of 1920 - x at Borges sight (the blindness was hereditary in the father`s family), and to the middle 50 - x when he began to manage National library considerably worsened, he almost completely went blind:

Reproach and a tear I will not discredit

That highest sense and that sarcasm deep,

C what inimitable gods

Entrusted me books together with night.

(J. L. Borges) of

Yes, a dirty trick was played by destiny with the great person: a set of books and impossibility to read them. The last 20 years of life Borges had no opportunity neither to read, nor to write. I told myself: expensive world of visible is lost; I have to create other world instead of visible, forever lost - Borges will tell. It will become aurally to learn the classic languages which opened for him the whole world of the Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon literature. He will begin to write verses, dictating a line behind a line.

During restoration of the power of the president Peron in 1974 - m to year Borges was deprived of all posts (since since youth criticized anti-Semitism, Nazism and fascism). But for it it was not an occasion to leave creativity. And in 1979 - m to year at the age of 80 - ti years Borges gets Cervantes`s Award - the most prestigious in ispano - the lingual countries an award for merits in the field of literature.

I want to finish the story about so great person it with words: when something comes to an end, it is necessary to remember that something new begins . Perhaps, this article will push you to the amazing world of works of Jorge Luis Borges. Pleasant reading!