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What the logopedist, or Who you are, speech fields the worker is engaged in?

Ya logopedist. And it sounds

To be exact, I work with sounds, speech sounds of the uneven-age patients coming to me to reception. Not only with problems of sounds of the Russian speech, but also others speeches too.

Who such logopedist?

Rolan Bykov has an image of the somewhat eccentric logopedist with fiction fifektam it turned out so bright and memorable that became nearly the business card of logopedists.

Generally, logopedists turncoats. Now I will explain what I mean, wait to rejoice.


Logopedics - branch unclear what. Pinches off medical sections of sciences, pinches off both pedagogical, and psychological. It turns out that logopedics boundary science.

Logopedists work at schools as teachers of correctional training, in logopedic points of the same schools they not teachers, but logopedists any more.

In policlinics the logopedist already the doctor.

Strange profession.

Sits before you though rushes a squirrel in search of a wheel more often, the little man of years of two - three also looks at you, here can only tell nothing.

And sometimes on the contrary, stirs on the children`s slang and so that would not speak better at all. Because till three years not speaking how guerrillas, children begin to speak then at once well. And the two-year-olds speaking on unintelligible, most often, do not wish to pass to the standard speech. Probably, it is a pity for the creation.

A your task - in a short space of time to get from them the beautiful developed speech moreover and with the correct sound pronunciation.

Well, task not for the faint-hearted?

First of all, it is necessary to neutralize parents. In literal sense - to calm them and to instill confidence that their child not the most backward in the world. Most often the problem of children is a problem of parents, to be exact, of their fears and superinsistence, expectation of such supergenius.

Then to play with the child and to begin

A needs to be begun with control of ears for perception of sounds. It only seems that the child is born Russian-speaking, for example. It spends the first half a year of the life for setup of the articulation device for speech sounds. If at this time at it are another important issues - to ripen, for example, or to have something, then time for control will irrevocably leave. Everything, passed this station, we fly to following. Here and problems are saved.

However, I distracted and fond.

Generally I about myself, darling, that is, say the speech about the logopedist.

And still stutter - the spotykaniye us favors. Logonevroz, on - scientific, is called.

Here as boxing - wins against the strongest. Or the logopedist with the patient against stutter. Then a victory for the patient.

If the patient does not want to leave stutter in any way and against the logopedist leaves, then it is difficult for the logopedist, oh, as difficult it is necessary.

the biggest complexity in work with stammering is to tear off them from a favourite habit - to stammer. So many years raised, fostered, just muscles grew. And here, on you, demand to relax and to change habits!

Oh, again was fond.

And still there are problems with sounds. Those, defects of diction. Sometimes without translator to understand what is told by the person of quite broad age, in general it is impossible.

A still problems of the school period, problem of the letter and reading.

of Violation of the speech from - for the reduced hearing or its total absence. However, it is separate branch of logopedics.

of the Problem levoruky, also oboyeruky, when there is no a prepotent hemisphere. More precisely, both of them dominate as popadya. And such now majority.

Clever not on age of the little one with undeveloped motility and the speech. All understand

, only cannot tell. To tell as to them, clever more precisely, there was a wish. Here not each nervous system will sustain.

And parents all occupied at very important works, all the welfare anxious with increase in separately taken family.


A he most of all caress wants and to cling to mother or the father both to listen to the fairy tale and to forget about time and the nobility, exactly know that you are LOVED.

However, I distracted again.

the logopedist, is not a profession. It is a way of life.